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Cabin Fever, Part 2
cap, captain miss america

Here’s Day 2 of my Hurricane Sandy comic diary. That’s Monday, so the storm really starts hitting in the afternoon here. Note: at this point, my last actual interaction with a person I know (as opposed to people on the subway or on the street or in the grocery store and such) was at 6pm the previous day.

If you missed the first part of Cabin Fever, it’s here. Everything here happened. It’s slightly editorialized (I left in the interesting things, dialogue is paraphrased as best as I can remember) but nothing is fictional. The rules: no penciling, no corrections.

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Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea if I had been in New York, then I would have come over for beer and cookies with you. Darn inability to teleport.


Most of my friends in New York would have, too, if there were subway access!!!

Hi there! I am poking my head back onto LJ long enough to attempt to get FB page addys for folks that are still around, since I am barely *ever* on here and am always on there. So if you happen to have an FB page you would be interested in sharing, let me know so I can friend you over there. :)

Oh yes, super! I would love to be in touch. I'm on FB as Tea Berry-Blue!

<3 Thank you so much for contacting me.

"And if I wave my hand over them as they pass, I can send my love out to the people I wish were here with me."

That was lovely. And I really felt your lonely then.

Once again, I thought you did an excellent job at handling a situation you knew would be hard for yourself. Thanks for sharing your second day!

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