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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
i'm so excited about the chat section of the RP for DotG! mucho mucho excited. i love my character on the message boards but the problem with her is that i personally enjoy coming up with revenge plots and pranks and snide remarks and such, and i write a character who is too nice to even THINK those sorts of things. i'm going to have to wait eight years before she gets to do anything like that. so my new character is a prankster. i just adore him. he's exactly the sort of boy i wish i'd known in high school. or maybe i did, hehe. nah. he's really an amalgam of a bunch of people.

i've realized i don't draw half enough. my drawing skills in college were far stronger than they are now. i need to practice a lot more.

umm. other things. no. no other things. black bean tortilla chips are good

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I want him to meet Jammy's cousin! She's... nasty. And she loves pranks. Or revenge.

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