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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
i would like to simply state for the record that i am NOT evil.

in other words, tea does not equal evil.

fate is sometimes cruel. this is even true of fictional fates, ones that happen to be penned by your truly. but it's fate, not me. i swear.

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Tea=evil. Of course you'd say that you weren't evil! Then, how would you mantain your evil disguise? But I have seen through it, and I am spreading the word!

i wrote a story about a particular RP character that made certain other member(s) (*ahem,rosie*) decide that i am evil. but i maintain that that's how it happened and i was just passing the information on.

anyway, i wrote some more and have been temporarily absolved of my evilness.


RP? role playing? if it's that it would be you the evil one or your character?

(my question may be dumb, i never got involved in role playing)

No, she's the evil one, cos she wrote it. Kit's just silly. It's not dumb; it's just hard to understand if you're not me, or Tea, Jammy or Orrie.
I'm starting to feel that Tea's evil again. I reread "Last Dance".

now why would writing a sad-ish fic make you evil!?! huh? HUH!?!
*gasp* does that make me...evil???
you're not evil!

Poor, ignorant Gia. Not evil. Tea's evil, again. Sort of. Partially. Depending on the ball. Not that I'm trying to bias her. Or anything.
Did I mention how great Orrie was?
SAD-*ISH*? It's heart-wrenching! Well, almost. It's just so... it's cos I play Jammy. I've started to blame everything on her.

dude, aiko doesn't want the mage! she wants that other guy! mages bad! other guys good!

maybe jammy is from the south of carthak, so she can hook up with orrie instead. :P


oh and you think *you're* sadistic, eh?


NO! BAD SARA! BAD, BAD, BAD! Jammy shall never hook up with Orrie! *Shudders*. Tea, didn't you PM her about the ball situation? Or was I supposed to?
Sadistic? Who's sadistic, apart from Kit, of course?
(And mages rock so much more than people called Percy)

come on, percy is *such* a cooler name than orrie. I think I'm going to name all my kids percy. or at least my dog. *whistles* here percy! who's a good boy? yes you are, you little schnookums!

kit isn't sadistic!!!!!!!! she had no idea!!!!!!!!

umm, i was supposed to PM DM and kriti about the ball plot...and talk to laura to pin down everett's relationship (or lack thereof) with orrie.

dammit, i'm still not even sure i know how kit and percy wound up together...it just happened...


Sara! I'll report you to the RSPCA! (It's an animal cruelty thing) Naming a dog Percy, how could you be so cruel? Also, I might add that if you think that Percy's a dog's name, you can't have a very high opinion of him, can you?
Orun Deosaran, or *Percy*? (I can spell his original name, the new one gets a bit much for me)
I PMd Taria, cos I needed to sort out Rani with her as well. Orrie knows Rani, I might add, and he's turning up at the ball. I might ask someone to play him who's not active during the... thing. Anyway, mini knows what's what.

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