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Top 5
This is apparently a thing. mezzogiorno did it.

In the comments, come up with titles of top 5 lists for me to fill out. Can't promise I'll do 'em all. But I'll do some.

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Top 5 breeds of chicken!

Also, when I see your username it makes my heart smile.

I like that that first little part insinuates that as I did it, it's a thing.

Top 5 web comics
Top 5 things you love about yourself
Top 5 things that make you laugh

Cocktails that no one has ever heard of and are delicious!

Top 5 Animals You Would Like to Wear as Hats
Top 5 Musicals You Would Like to Recast with People from Your Life

You just want The Phantom of the Distillery

That is what made me think of it, but it was not my penultimate goal. For example, you could choose instead to recast Sweeney Todd with only people from Hogwarts Elite.

Top 5 television cartoons/animated shows.

Favorite TV episodes of all time
Places you haven't visited but want to

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