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Curiosity question
Don't cheat and look at my birthday or anything till you're done with this!

--Based on what you know of my personality from my interactions on the internet (or in person, if you know me that way), choose the astrological sign you would think best describes me.

(And yes, this is public, feel free to do it yourselves!)

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My very first instinct was Aquarius, because I think they tend to be the more level-headed, independent person who cares a lot about others and humanity in general.

And I love seeing such varied responses!

Gemini? I'm not too familiar with astrology though.

I know I've learned your birthday at some point, but I don't remember it, so I'll participate. My first instinct is Libra, but I also considered Leo because Gryffindor.

My gut instinct says Libra!

I know your sign, but I'd say Aquarius anyway. ;)

Leo. Partially because Leo = lion = Gryffindor. Partially because my dad is Leo and you are a lot like the awesome things about my dad.

I already know! And because I know, it colors my perceptions so much!

I would have to say Aquarius because I think you're charismatic/friendly but not over-the-top bubbly. If that makes any sense. >_>


Pulling that out of my butt.

I say Leo, based on the fact that I am a Leo and so I have heard lots of stereotypical things about Leos that you seem to fit, and also the hair.

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