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cap, captain miss america
okay, this is lame but this is still making me cry.

"Plus, Namir would have liked you."


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Well, it appears that I am officially a MOO widower again.

shut up!! you are not!! this is nothing like the MOO.

*kicks mikey*

and you can play too you know.

*kicks mikey some more*

you can always play too.

and you have no reason to be jealous of a freakin' NPC.


I was just teasing, Miss Tea! But I am not jealoso... I don't even know the context of the quote.

You are plenty patient with me when I get emotionally involved in games. I will do the same for you.

And I will play more now that I have free time! Huzzah!

Aw! *Hugs Tea*.
I'll try not to say it again. I think it's sweet.
Just doing my part for the K/O fans of the world. (Aka me and Krysten)

i think it is too. sweet, that is. you can do whatever you like. i stuck it in my LJ solely for your benefit and now mikey gave me a hard time about it.

*kicks mikey again for good measure*


I was going to anyway, I just thought that I should say that I'd try not to. I'm an avid K/O. Cos Orrie's lovely!

LOLL!! Thanks muchly, Rosie--you got here before I did. ;O) (Is it just me, or do I say that a lot lately? Sigh...multitasking...)

Thank you, by the way, for id'ing the source of that quote for me. I'm extremely tired at the moment (and insomaniacal) and was about to go completely crazy b/c I remembered reading that line and completely choking up...I just couldn't for the life of me remember WHERE!! *tears* Augh, such a BAD #1 Orrie fan...I am now going to feel incredibly guilty for about 5 minutes, then remind myself that I'm juggling enough projects to make a sane person lose it, and that I was walking the fine line of sanity to begin with. ;O) And am tired. (Example: The first time I typed that sentence, it said "juggling enough people to make a sane project." Oy.)

*goes off to reread all Orrie fic before she goes to sleep like a sane person*

~Krysten, congenial madwoman ;O)

Did I mention I choked up reading that line?? And still do? And that it's incredibly sweet??

Oh, thought I did...worth repeating... ;O)

~Krysten. Yet again. ;O)

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