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Because Brenna is a bad, bad influence
cap, captain miss america
Gauging interest:

--Collaborative fiction world similar to Shiver in re: group building of spaces
--Less intense, slower pace, potentially a few posts a day
--Transient characters
--Exploration of spaces as characters
--Based on Hotel California

(I can't believe I'm considering doing this.)

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It's a fairly nebulous post for now. I'll give more details once it percolates.

Right now the idea is that the Hotel is a sentient being that is actually an archivist. It collects people who are about to die by snatching them from their respective realities (presuming the narrator in the song, who starts off on the highway, was about to die in a car wreck) and installs them in the hotel to get them to tell their stories. A little bit of Milliways and World's End involved as inspiration, obviously, but going for the creepy surreal vibe.

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What happens when the stories they tell are over?

I don't think it would be literal storytelling with characters sitting down and relating their pasts, so what this means would more or less be up to each writer, but we did want to suggest that people come into it intending for characters to be temporary or episodic, and characters could feasibly disappear into the hotel for long stretches and show up again later.

I think Brenna is an excellent influence.

I would like more influence from Brenna.

Somewhere between RP and collaborative fiction. Less controlled than traditional roleplay, more about group worldbuilding, but the same premise: everyone owns their characters.

I'm all kinds of in for this.



I cannot operate heavy machinery under your influence.

fortunately, you CAN operate low-commitment online shared writing projects!!

This sounds absolutely intriguing!

Hey, I played this RP game on LJ for a while..

But, yes. I'm in. Or not. :D

Please keep me in the loop :)

Beautiful idea. I'm so up for this.

Sounds a great idea! I'd be very interested.

I reset my password just to say

Yes. Oh my god yes.

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