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On A Dark Desert Highway
cap, captain miss america
So, for those of you who are interested, some developments:

--All the characters in the hotel must be characters from a classic song (folk, rock, jazz, etc). Still trying to decide what date is the cutoff for "classic" but it will be at least through the 70s. So if you want to write with us, start thinking about songs that you might want to use as your character's backstory. They should be actual people from songs with a narrative and characters. I guess the best way to put it is you can choose Jojo or Prudence or Jude or even the narrator of "Yellow Submarine," but you can't write a character based on "Let it Be" or "Revolution." There are some songs I'm going to reserve to use as framing storylines, so I might have to deny some of them, but for the most part, all is good.
--The hotel's calendar is perpetually set to February 3, 1959.
--I think I have a good sense of what the framing storyline for the first story will be.

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Oh, and Nikki gets first dibs on Jumpin' Jack Flash if she wants him.

(Deleted comment)
I get what you mean about a metaphor turned into a person, and I think no, it would have to be an actual character, because the idea is that you're using the song as the backstory for the character. So, Mary Jane the girl from Indiana would work. Mary Jane as a drug reference then turned into a character, no.

And 2/3/59

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Quick digression: After hearing about the film "Six String Samurai" (not even seeing a frame of it, oh dialup days...) I built this overly-complicated big-budget action movie version of a similar setup where a group of these sorts of characters/anthropomorphized ideas would team up with Buddy and Dio to fight Death Metal and his father the Wizard of Ozz for the fate of Lost Vegas.

Then I actually watched the movie and it was not that and I was sad. Then the video game Brütal Legend happened and was kinda a lot like that thing I thought up even though I didn't have fun with it.


Anyway, I know I already did a thing with him once but if Major Tom is open, I so call dibs.

I'm not picking this character, but this is a hilarious song and is so worth the white crowd reactions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmEtJ1gLVTk, "Deacon Jones".

I can't think of any songs ever recorded with people in them OMG

Hang on.. forwarding this post and the last one to my roommate.. because she's oldersmarter than me when it comes to music!people. LOL

EDIT: I have mostly narrowed it down to Venus. Because there's too much Oz in my head to not influence my take on the Wizard of.. <3

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So... could I use Eleanor Rigby? I know it's probably the first one everyone thinks of, but I weirdly think about her a lot when I'm at work and we have poorly patients dying with no relatives, so I kinda feel she'd be a very interesting one.

Eleanor Rigby would be perfect.

ok, I'll do House of the Rising Sun

Tentatively interested?

One problem:
"We haven't seen that spirit here since 1969."

So... the hotel is non-chron? A TARDIS?

Hahaha we had that discussion! I am explaining it as a paradox. One that I am sure I will eventually manage to work into the plot, since there is nothing better than coming up with amazing explanations for plotholes.

And oooh I am excited that you are interested. I haven't sucked any of my real-life-in-person friends into my crazy games since 1969.

Yay! Sorry, my dork was hanging out. I did not realize this was a game! I love games!

Well, it's a game in the nominal sense. Basically it's very loose roleplay that is more like collaborative fiction/ written improv than a standard RPG.

that said, I am considering Bobby McGee, Roxanne, Cecilia, and a former crewman on the Sloop John B.

ahhh, or the Little Old Lady from Pasadena!

Can she be really, really bad at driving her motorized wheelchair?

That is wonderful.

So Bobby goes on a crazy road trip with his/her girlfriend, Cecilia, until s/he catches Cecilia cheating on him/her, and decides to go on a drunken bender around the Bahamas until s/he falls madly in love with a prostitute?

oh, I was thinking of choosing FROM that set, but...

What if Roxanne and Cecilia were the same person? Roxanne's the name she uses for work, and although she loves her boyfriend, he just can't get over the sex work thing, and he "wants to take her away from all this" which is SUPER annoying.

So she shouts out "who killed the kennedys?" and goes to work on Maggie's Farm — but not for long.


Oh, yeah, it should just be one. For now. I was just going a little haywire with the trying to work them all into one plot.

Then she takes a ride on the riverboat queen?

Actually, "The Riverboat Queen" is the name of Bobbi McGee's car, sadly now abandoned in Baton Rouge (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?). Bobbi is 85 and originally from Pasadena, and she rode The Riverboat Queen HARD.

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