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cap, captain miss america
i apologize for the frequency of posts today; i know i hate it when people post a kabillion times and drive down all my friends' posts. *sigh*

but this is frightening.

thye had been reporting this weekend that manhattan was being affected by forest fires in canada.

you do the math there.

so anyway, i went outside for a small walk.

new york city is covered in a whitish haze.

there is the delicious sweet smell of charred wood.

it's beautiful, but tremendously disturbing.

update: talking about this at work over a glass of delicious anguillan rum. ursula says, "oh, so that's why new york smells so good right now."

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ahh, we get bad fires all the time. maybe ten years ago, they were so bad that it was raining ash for a week and a half.

yes...but these forest fires are over 600 miles away.


Hmmm... sustained, low heat... rich hardwood smoke... The city of New York has become a giant barbecue pit!

I'm going to cover myself in dry-rub and go for a walk.

It's hazy in southern Pennsylvania (where I am) too, from the same forest fires. Freaky. And because I live in a valley, it's all settling and here and not being blown away at all. Smoke, smoke, smoke.

I noticed the smoke yesterday. I thought the sun was the moon.

*thinks the first sentence is a reference to her*

no! not you! was a reference to someone i took off my friends list, actually.


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