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Hidden Spaces
cap, captain miss america
For what it's worth,
It was never intended that we would see
The interior of that room:
The discarded bookshelves leaning against a wall,
The lone roll of toilet paper
Unrolled, slightly (six sheets),
Lying at a forty-five degree angle to the door.
A few paper clips, scattered,
And something shiny in the corner-- perhaps a penny.
Nothing in this space has been waiting for anyone.
But sometimes unassuming doors remain unlocked,
And we step inside,
Coughing as our feet kick up layers of dust
Previously undisturbed.

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Thank you! It's based on a conversation I had with intrepia

I love how you are able to arrange these simple descriptions into poetry :)

Well, it's not about arranging descriptions into poetry. It's about writing poetry that describes things, simply.

are there cardboard boxes??

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