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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
oh look, i made the same secret group everyone else did.


secrety goodness.

i'm going to go test this.

the secrety goodness does indeed appear to be working. yes.

here is what i have to say. sara and jamie, i totally support whatever you guys choose to do and if i disagree with any choices you make, it will only be privately. you guys are doing a really good job.

as far as i know, almost every RP gets to a point where you have to make rules, and that is okay. if you feel like you need to make strict rules go right ahead. frankly, fighting is almost always at the source of every RP-related fight. personally, i am extremely anti-violent and do not believe that serious fighting such as what went on last night should be used except to forward a storyline. fighting must have a true motivation that is equal in gravity to the gravity of the fighting-- if someone had slapped someone or clocked someone over the situation last night, fine. knives don't come out unless someone's life or honor is threatened, or they are being put to some useful purpose, or if there is some other totally GM-approved reason for it. two of the three characters have no skills posted on the official thread and the third is not ranked. for this reason alone they should nt have been allowed to fight-- i believe sara had said when we made the fighting list that no one was allowed to fight unless they were on the list.

as for language, you guys have the word "neal" blocked. you should take all offensive english swears and make them appear as acceptable tortallan swears. if someone fudges with things to swear, it's their own goddamn prollem and they get a time out.

on the matter of aaron alone, the kid is a jackass. i usually put him on ignore in chat so i don't need to see anything he types.

the inherent problem with "having a discussion" with the kid is just that-- he's a jackass. first of all, is he even capable of a polite and private discussion? will he come rant and rave that he's being jumped on by the GMs and complain that they won't let him do anything? if confronted about his language, will he say "well i used language like that when i was 11 so i don't see what's wrong with it, anyway that is izzy's sadistic streak." (which is not ever sadistic, i will point out yet again)? if he's told that he's too OOC, will he say, "well i'm experimenting with the character" or "dude, i'm not being serious. you take me too seriously. never take anything i say seriously." wah wah wah. people who cannot respect other people do not belong in activities which require multiple levels of social interfacing. it's that simple.

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I completely agree.

And now I'll go have fun making up Tortallan swears to put in place of blocked words.

Shit -- "Stormwing stench"


Completely agree. Izual is supposed to be a nice character, and I have taken care to avoid him as much as possible until I got his measure. And I can't understand him.
Jamilah now has a dagger, but she's put it in her drawer. I don't intend for her to use it, since I didn't expect it to be given to her. She'll probably search for it, if her family come looking for her, but she's not a dagger-wielding person. It's not her nature.

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