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cap, captain miss america
I went to bed a little after 12:30 last night. I was home sick from work, and I usually go to bed at 1, but I wanted to get a little extra sleep.

Every time I start to doze off, my coughing wakes me up. If I stand up and walk around, I stop coughing quite so much, but that doesn't help with sleeping, for obvious reasons, as I am not a practiced somnambulist.

I am exhausted. My eyes hurt. I am dehydrated like crazy and can't drink enough to put that back into balance. I think I need to go get some water with electrolytes.

I'm making myself soup because I don't know what else to do. I'm already taking allergy meds, nasal steroids, cough syrup (which usually knocks me out cold), naproxen sodium, my inhaler, and chloroseptic. I got up at about 5 and took a quick shower, hoping the vapor would help. I've got vapor rub on my chest.

The more I cough, and the more tired I get, the weaker I get, and the worse the coughing gets.

None of the usual tricks are working. I'm not really sure what else to try. All I know is that I really, really want to sleep, want to stop coughing, have been to two doctors who have basically said I'm doing everything right and there's not really anything else to do.

I just emailed my boss and told him I probably shouldn't come to work today, but part of me is like, ugh, I can't sleep, I might as well be productive. I might try to do some work now, but I really don't want to fuck up my sleep schedule.

Hate, hate hate. I've been up till three or four coughing before, but I've never had it this bad.

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You poor thing. It is no fun to not be able to breathe :( Have you tried boiling water on the stovetop to help with the humidity? Also, sitting up to sleep sometimes works?

I hope you can get some rest really soon.


You just reminded me to get my humidifier out! And I tried sitting up, it's not working. I am only not coughing when I stand up and move a lot. Argh. But I will get out the humidifier. I'm not comfortable leaving my very iffy gas stove on when I'm this close to conking out at any given moment.

Can you go in for a nebulizer treatment? A couple times when I was a teen and mine got bad, I did that. (Well, once I went to the hospital, and once I just used my dad's nebulizer).

I did that on Monday, actually! I have already been to the doc twice this week and I'm getting ways about going in repeatedly, though. I have good insurance but I haven't hit my deductible yet so it's still $100 each time.

Ugh. Yeah. That's a lot of money to spend.

My only other suggestion would be to avoid going outside as much as possible until you start feeling better. The air quality around the city is probably pretty crappy right now. (It's been not all that great up here).

I think I need to also get someone to come over and clean out my air conditioner filters for me. I can do it myself but I don't think it's a good idea for me to get that close to it.

Yeah, probably asking someone else for help would be a good call.

I remember one time I cleaned out some old air conditioner filters on my own and I ended up sick for days. It was awful.

Is it a productive cough or a dry one? Are you swallowing and keeping things down okay?

Long term, have you thought about asking your doctors to prescribe a nebulizer? That way if this happens again, you don't have to go into the office to get nebulizer treatments (and you can do more than once a day if it's at home). I think there are some OTC vaporizer or nebulizers that you can get at most pharmacies and I don't know if they'd do anything, but longer-term a prescription one might be useful. (Plus with the prescription, you'll be able to get more specific solutions to use with it.)

As far as the weakness goes, I know it's going to drive you nuts, but self-enforced rest. Not just staying home, but not getting up and doing things. Lie in bed (or on the couch if you have one and want a different view) and watch tv or read or do random stuff online. It sucks and it's boring, but it'll help you preserve some energy. Also, it's what's going to give you the most chance of nodding off at some point and actually getting some sleep.

Yes, I have thought of that, but my primary care doctor won't and I've been unable to find a pulmonologist or allergist on my insurance who is taking new patients. I'm in the process of trying to find a new primary for just this reason-- my current one is very nice but also incredibly opposed to prescribing pretty much anything. Most of the time, I like that, but not for this.

Have an OTTc vaporizer, have it on!

And yeah, yesterday I took a twenty minute walk and got myself the stuff to do a fairly low key art project, so I was sitting in my living room all day. Today I pretty much haven't gotten out of bed, though I'm going to have to since I've run out of things to drink.

So, clearly not feeling better :(

Oh, goodness. This is not good. Are you sure you don't have bronchotis/bronchiolitis on top of the allergy/asthma? Coughing all night is no fun.

I've been to the doctor twice this week, so I don't think so. I have some sinus inflation but no signs of bronchitis. Yet. I'm expecting it to come, it usually does.

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