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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
hey everyone, i gave krysten an LJ code. make her use it.

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Gah! I just asked my friends to give her one, oh well, I'll tell them they don't need to anymore. Has she created it yet?

She is working on creating it. Unfortunately, she is also not-at-home at the moment, which means there is only one phone line for her and seriously limited Net access, which means she will not be posting in it for awhile (if it ever does get created--I must be an awfully prosaic person, when you come down to it; i keep trying usernames, and they keep being taken. Then I curse in Carthaki. Ah well...).

Thanks for asking all those people to give me one, Cam! :O)


You're very welcome. Being "Anonymous" isn't much fun, I know from experience.

*makes a face* Got that right...but lo and behold! No more anonymity! Wheee!! :O) Now I'm Krysten, with the outofleftfield username... ;O)

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