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I want you to know
cap, captain miss america
I am proud of you.

I know some things in your life are tough, and sometimes you don't think you're as good at things as you think you could be. Sometimes you don't handle things as well as you think you could. Sometimes you make mistakes, sometimes the things you want seem too far off in the distance, or seem unachievable. Too expensive, too far away, too many hurdles between you and them.

Sometimes you don't feel beautiful. Sometimes you don't feel lovable. Sometimes you don't feel like you try hard enough or do well enough.

Sometimes, no matter how many awesome things you have achieved, the little failures make you feel like you're just not ding anything right.

You are doing things right. You are loved. You are perfect and beautiful and amazing and every day, you create miracles. Maybe they're not always the miracles you want, but they are magic nonetheless.

You are probably sitting at your computer or scanning your phone and thinking this could not possibly be about you, but it is. The people I'm thinking about as I write this, some of you know you are dear to me, but some of you don't at all. Some of you should know you are more valued than you are.

You are amazing. I am proud of you.


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This made me tear up. Love to you too, Tea. <3

I love you! And everything will work out, you know. I know it's scary, but it will. <3

Aww this is sweet. I can't remember ever being told I was beautiful. Not once in my entire life. It's amazing how low that kind of shit can make you feel.

I know you are beautiful. I haven't ever seen you, but that doesn't matter. It is not possible for someone who writes the kinds of words you write to not be beautiful.

I am eternally the person thinking "this could never be about me", but for one day, at least, I'm going to let it be.

You are a beautiful soul, Tea.

At first, I thought it was audacity to think this was about me, but then I kept reading and realized it wasn't audacity at all. Thank you. <3

I think this is for you, too. You're worthy of the same love and acceptance you give to other people. Please don't forget that.

I know I need to get better at that. I'm not there yet, really.

It is not audacity. I know you are having some doubts, and that's okay. People have doubts sometimes. It's part of being human. But the things you don't do as well as you wish you could do them don't take away from the parts of you that are amazing.

This made me cry. Thank you! (even if it wasn't meant for me) It's very sweet.

It was meant for you, like it said! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Remember that you deserve to be loved and respected all the time, no matter what.

Oh. I think I really needed that? Thank you. <33333

This hit me exactly at A Time and made me sob, and sobbing was the release I needed and now I'm ready to stand up straighter and take things on.

You're excellent. <3

I am glad you were able to get that out. Sometimes we all need to do that. <3 Thank you for letting me know. Things'll get better!

you are so lovely and wonderful. thank you for the great pick me up. I think I'll bookmark this post for future cheering. :)

Aw! You are lovely and wonderful as well.

This was gorgeous and wonderful. Thank you.

You are gorgeous and wonderful! Thank YOU!

I read this whole thing on the day you posted it.

I just came back from a four-day conference, read it again, and printed it out for the wall beside my desk in my office.

Thank you, Tea.

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