tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

I want you to know

I am proud of you.

I know some things in your life are tough, and sometimes you don't think you're as good at things as you think you could be. Sometimes you don't handle things as well as you think you could. Sometimes you make mistakes, sometimes the things you want seem too far off in the distance, or seem unachievable. Too expensive, too far away, too many hurdles between you and them.

Sometimes you don't feel beautiful. Sometimes you don't feel lovable. Sometimes you don't feel like you try hard enough or do well enough.

Sometimes, no matter how many awesome things you have achieved, the little failures make you feel like you're just not ding anything right.

You are doing things right. You are loved. You are perfect and beautiful and amazing and every day, you create miracles. Maybe they're not always the miracles you want, but they are magic nonetheless.

You are probably sitting at your computer or scanning your phone and thinking this could not possibly be about you, but it is. The people I'm thinking about as I write this, some of you know you are dear to me, but some of you don't at all. Some of you should know you are more valued than you are.

You are amazing. I am proud of you.

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