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But she's always a woman to me.
cap, captain miss america
So, tonight, nervousystem, Dre and I had a conversation about transforming song lyrics into comics, because Dre was drawing some art based on a Phish song and I used to draw a lot of song comics when I was a teenager. Anyway, Darryl, I think, mentioned that lyrics, interpreted literally, would make for some very weird stuff. A little while later, Billy Joel's "Always A Woman" came on, so I decided to re-interpret it as if the subject of the song had superpowers that actually, literally allowed her to do the things that the song talks about metaphorically. </nerd>

Also, I barely ever draw things that aren't ridiculously cartoony anymore. I need to get back into practice!

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1) Yay art! Yay comics!

2) Turning music into comics is pretty much the most excellent thing and I'll never understand why more people don't do it.

... wow. That's how I first envisioned the song, as a kid hearing it! About a beautiful enchantress queen something. I would say more but my small roommates.

I want to see more of these!

... I really like it, Tea, really pretty!

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