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Birthday Wish List
So I figured I should do this. If anyone wants to get/give me a thing for my birthday, here are the things I would NOT like and the things I WOULD like.

Please don't:
--tchotchkes or knick knacks of any kind.
--stickers, stationery.
--Stuffed animals.
--Books, unless it is something incredibly special and personal to you or to me.
--Any things that take up space without having a function. Because of moving, I am just dumping a ton of things that are space-eaters. I don't want to dump things people give me.

Please DO:
--Introduce me to a friend of yours whom you think I would like.
--Introduce me to music or a movie you think I would like.
--Take me on a date for food or drinks or a fun activity.
--Take me to a favorite place of yours where I have never been.
--Plan an adventure with me.
--Teach me something, or ask me to teach you something.
--Surprise me. I really really like surprises of the visceral and/or experiential kind.
--Send me a letter, by post or by email. I can give you both addresses if you'd like to do this.
--Write a song. It doesn't have to be for or about me, just put some music in the world.
--Make art. See "song."
--Play music with me, draw with me.
--Arrange to do an activity with me that costs little or no money.
--Send me tricky things. Things in code. Games I have to figure out. Anonymous puzzles. Mysteries.
--Send me on a scavenger hunt or a wild goose chase.
--Tell somebody you love them, especially if it's someone who might not know it.
--Tell somebody you're in love with them, especially if it's someone who might not know it.
--Apologize to someone you've hurt, whom you regret hurting, but have never been able to bring yourself to apologize to.
--Take steps to mend a friendship you're sad you've lost, or to get in touch with someone important to you whom you've lost touch with.
--Take steps to engage in that new hobby or activity you've been meaning to try for months or years.
--Practice something you want to get good/better at.
--Pick one thing you are unhappy with in your life, and try to do something about it.
--Do a kind thing for a stranger.
--Do something you're scared of but have always wanted to do. Do the scary thing, the brave thing.

There are a couple of thing-things I want but they are expensive thing-things and should wait until moving, anyway. If you want to get me a thing-thing, earrings are always a good bet.

Love you all!

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I would love to send you one of the postcards I've drawn, and I have some paper fans ready to be given out to the next person I see who can use one. :)

Oh boy! I will message you my address!

Aww, but we have this perfect chicken picture where I work! Every time I see it I think of Pepito!

But you're right, less junk, more function. I hope your birthday is rad and filled with delicious everything!

That would go well in my mom's house!!!

Thanks, I hope so, too!

I want to send you a proper card in the mail.

Which ruins the surprise, of course.. but I'm sure you'll survive. PM me, at your leisure. ♥

I just got a new job and have to move to another state in less than 2 weeks...but I could email you, if you PM me your email address?

I love your birthday ideas. The way you think just makes me smile :)

I have a gift for you that I have still failed to mail - it is small and wasn't meant to be a birthday gift so much as a "you are amazing have a thing" gift. Maybe I will wait until after you move to mail it? <3

Mail it to my office; that is where I like to get most things anyway! I'll send you the address.

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