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Take a Penny, Leave a Penny!

Close to three years ago, karnythia hosted an LJ post where she asked people to leave a comment if they had something they wanted or needed, or if they had something they were willing to give or offer.

I got two things: yarn and friends.

This is how I met rosefox, who has since become one of the people in my life whom I value most.

So I've been thinking a lot lately about that and what a big impact it had on my life over the past three years. And it made me want to do it for other people.

Quoting karnythia's post from all those years ago:

What do you want?
What do you need?
What do you have?

Feel free to answer any or all of them. They do not need to be realistic things (I put world peace on mine last time) If you don't have a LiveJournal, or would prefer to answer anonymously, give us a way to contact you.

Feel free to share this on LJ, DW, and other social media if you like.

Has it really been three years? Gosh.

What do you want?


What do you need?

Suggestions for things that a poly family of three very different adults can do for fun together. Two of us like jigsaw puzzles and board and card games; one finds them boring and/or frustrating. Two of us are foodies; one would prefer to never talk, think, or hear about food again. Two of us have an array of food allergies/intolerances; one eats everything. Two of us like going for long walks; one doesn't like going outside. Two of us are FAAB genderqueer people who need to be reminded their bodies exist; one is a cis male hedonist. Two of us like thinky talky caper movies; one prefers loud shouty action movies. Two of us enjoy handicrafts; one would rather play RPGs. One drinks in moderation; two don't drink at all. We are an obligate extravert, an obligate introvert, and an E/I switch. One loves driving, one gets road rage, and one has never learned to drive. So basically I'm looking for things that are universally appealing, if there is such an animal, because it would be really nice if all of us could actually spend time together doing a thing we all enjoy.

What we do have in common: We're white, queer, and more or less atheists (two raised Jewish, one raised Mormon). We like cats. We live in Brooklyn. We're nerds of the computer technology and SF/F variety, not of the media or comics variety. We're about the same age (35, about-to-turn-35, and 41). We're planning to have a baby. We're dedicated liberal feminist anti-racist social justice activists, with almost all our activism taking place online. We like low-key small-group social activities.

What do you have?

Expert knowledge of NYC. Happy to play tour guide for visitors or make suggestions of things to do and places to go.

Expert knowledge of SF/fantasy/horror and romance/erotica currently being published. Tell me what you like to read and I'll tell you what else you should be reading.

Edited at 2013-08-02 05:20 pm (UTC)

I've talked to you a little bit about activities, but all I want to do now is develop a fiber arts RPG.


--> more friends!! Friends hold me together and I've had far too many of them drift away with time. I am one of those television show friends who can chat a little bit every day. Just how I'm wired. I resent that modern society and urban living has made most of us unneighborly. Imagine if you had a friend who you met for breakfast every morning before work. I COULD BE THAT FRIEND!! Anyway, that's what I want :)


--> my health is returning slowly but surely. But I do need to clean out my apartment for my mental health and create the time to work more consistently on my art.


--> anybody in or around or willing to come to North Brooklyn, I have a bunch of comic books and graphic novels which are literally yours for the taking.

Where in brooklyn? (Okay, this is sad, I've lived in brooklyn for 15 years and have no concept of the geography unless you tell me neighborhood/train line.)

What do you want?

A holiday.

More love, to have and to give.

What do you need?

Ways to keep me and my mind busy while we wait to move home next year.

What do you have?

I have letters, and would gladly write you one.

I have a Laura Calder cookbook that needs a home.

I have mad French skills, if you want or need a tutor.

this is a total rando ask, but you seem really great, and from your profile I think you used to be a member at H_E? I was too, sorted Gryffindor. want to be LJ friends? I've been super lacking in posting lately but I comment often :)

(Deleted comment)
Where are you local to? So that others who wander over here can see.


* book recs, always, mostly SFF and or YA. Charming and funny are my favorite flavors. Books I've absolutely adored in the last few years include The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, The Night Circus, the Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland & sequel, Beauty Queens, howl's Moving Castle,
The name of the wind & sequel. Bonus points for books I can get in audio or ebook from the NYPL.

* to catch up on the second half of the most recent season of doctor who and I don't have cable and I'm really trying to be disciplined about my spending money at the moment.

* a garden. I want a place to play in dirt. Or a brightly lit outside wall where I can attach a shoe organizer or ladder to try turning into a wall of nifty little container plants. I have a brooklyn apt without even balcony and a twitchy urge for fresh herbs & tomatoes & stuff. (Yeah, it's late in the season, but...)

Want/need because I cannot for the life of me separate them and then I get all philosophical about what does need really MEAN anyway and ACK FEELINGS:

* Help marketing my acupuncture practice & increasing my client base. (Am an introvert. With limited time. And family drama/funerals has taken my attention off the marketing/business end of managing my practice for the last 18 months.).

* Bonus points for introductions to interesting people to barter with - such as local farmers/restauranteurs/artists/LUSH store owners. :). Seriously. If you know an elk farmer with a bad back who wants to barter I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. Massage therapists are almost as cool as elk farmers. I have offices in both queens and manhattan.

* help cooking/organizing/generally digging out of being overwhelmed between family drama and my own health issues (dx'd autoimmune issue 18months ago, much better now, still adjusting/adapting/healing and finding Life challenging) and yet I have no idea how good I'm going to be about letting people help me on this so FEELINGS OMG FEELINGS. Feelings are Dumb. Sigh.

What I have:

Red and black leather pants in size 16/18ish - recently lost about 30-40lbs and they're too big on me
Same size black corduroy pants, and possibly a few other pairs that I haven't seen in a bit having shoved them aside. Probably some other too big clothes to clear out as well. See previous organizing request and note that I have a "closet of doom."

A fair bit of medical knowledge (8 yrs practicing acupuncturist) and the willing to pontificate for a bit :) if you want an opinion on something.

Entirely too much BPAL which needs organizing and some of which needs to be rehomed so I suppose this is both need AND want.

Every so often I spin kind of awful art yarn (meaning, its only "art", alt thick/thin by accident) which I have more fun spinning than actually crocheting/knitting so it might be good to rehome it someplace it will get love.

(For the physical things, I am not good at getting to the post office, so local meetup is probably better.)

You should read Rae Carson's The Girl of Fire and Thorns and its sequels, The Chaos by Nalo Hopkinson, and anything by Jim Hines.

I would be glad to help with organizing either physical things or intangibles like finances. 100% no judgment or shaming or guilt or anything like that, I promise. I'm a bit terrified of acupuncture (because eek needles) but I also have unexplained ongoing hearing loss that I will try basically any treatment for, so would you be interested in maybe bartering along those lines?

Edited at 2013-08-02 09:02 pm (UTC)

What do you want?
A better handle on my sanity, since my therapy had to end when my job did.

What do you need?
A job I can live with (Boston-area, T-accessible; I can't drive)
Health Insurance.

What do you have?

Homemade postcards and the willingness to send them.
A love of cooking and discussing same.
... probably other things if I can think of them.

What sort(s) of job are you looking for?

What do you want?

- Relatively close by (to Capital District NY) female friends to do girly stuff with on a semi-regular basis. Being plus-sized like I am is optional but helpful since some of the girly stuff I want to do involves clothes shopping. :)
- Accessories/jewelry, particularly earrings, since this is something I'm trying to have more fun with now that small people won't simply try to yank them out of my ears.

What do you need?

- Sturdy orthotic-friendly shoes that are not totally workplace-inappropriate and don't look like their only reason to exist is because they're orthotic-friendly. Doc Martens in size 9 UK/11 US work rather well for this for me, but I only have the one pair.
- Assistance with Cleaning All The Things (plus some minor remodeling) that won't cause my spouse and I to hate ourselves in the process. Or alternatively, the combination of child care so small people aren't underfoot while we're doing this and some magical way to not be sick/injured continually like one or the other of us have been all summer.
- $524 so I can sit the licensing examination and be registered as a Licensed Master Social Worker in New York State ($294 licensing fee + $230 exam fee). Certainly not expecting any such, but it's been on my mind a lot lately. :P

What do you have?

- Especially for resources in New York State, I am pretty much a one-woman Information and Referral directory/211 hotline. You have a problem? I might not be able to solve it directly (in fact I probably can't) but I'll most likely be able to point you to a person or organization, or several, that can.
- I'm a competent editor, with a special strength in Jargon-to-English translation.
- I can design menus/meal plans for gatherings where lots of people need to eat lots of food, including people who have a wide variety of dietary requirements. With enough notice and if you're reasonably close to the Capital District of NY, I might even be able to help you cook for said large gathering.

Edited at 2013-08-02 11:01 pm (UTC)

What do you want?
1- Easy and yummy vegetarian recipes that are fast enough to make when I'm tired from work at the end of the day

2- A direction. I feel like I'm nearing a junction of two incredibly divergent life paths, and I wish I knew which one was going to win out.

3- Some more pals.

What do you need?
1- To lose weight. This one is hard for me because I'm lazy, and because until I was in my 20s, I weighed 100 lbs or less (I'm petite, so I wasn't anorexic or anything). My parents used to try to fatten me up by feeding me peanut butter, and when I was a child, I would only eat vegetables (my parents weren't vegetarians). So I still feel like a thin person, but I'm about 40 lbs overweight. It really hits me when I see photos of myself, and I'm shocked.

2- To stop drinking soda. This goes hand-in-hand with #1.

What do you have?
1- A current addiction to sending/receiving postcards, fueled through postcrossing.com

2- Way too many cats. I had 2 and my partner had 2 when we met, and when we moved in together, we became insta-crazy cat ladies. Then we took in our friend's cat when she moved, and now we have 5. And a dog. I feel like I live in a zoo.

So, by vegetarian recipes, do you mean vegan, or is some lacto and/or ovo OK?

What do you want?
The ability to sleep through the night, please.

What do you need?
Someone who can teach me about makeup- how does one use it? What should I be buying?
Motivation to stop being scared of other people and the ability to tolerate them.

What do you have?
I'm a really good editor, if you need one.
I can probably troubleshoot your computer problems. (Turn it off, and turn it on again.)
Chances are, if I talk to you long enough, I can make you laugh.

I'm no genius with really elaborate makeup, but I do a pretty good natural look and know some great brands! What kind of look are you going for?

(Deleted comment)
What do you want?
-People to have adventures with! Not just go out to bars or stay in watching movies (though obviously these things are fun to do as well). I want to try new stuff! With people!

-To learn how to sew/costume.

What do you need?
-A writing buddy. Someone to encourage me, and who I trust enough to show my WIPs and who will actually read my shit and (kindly but fairly) critique it.

What do you have?
-A number of dresses size 0-2 that are very lightly worn and need new homes.
-Some skirts/tops/jeans size 0-4, same thing as above. I'd be happy to take pictures/provide descriptions if anyone's interested. If I were to ship them, though, I'd need money for postage :/ Gotta save for wedding costs!
-A box of assorted books, most of them fantasy, that I have no space for.

I'm near Dallas, TX!

I could try helping you learn to sew from a distance... Not sure where you're at in your knowledge or what sort of help you need--but I'd be willing to field questions and offer pointers and maybe figure out more.

I also would be willing to read your WIP and give you feedback. I'm not working on any writing of my own right now, but I am trying to improve as far as reading/critiquing/editorial goes... so... if you're not scared to share with me (and you shouldn't be, because I'm a big fan and cheerleader of yours!)...

What do you want?
My husband to get the dream job that he's currently one of three in the running for - any thoughts, luck, or good wishes would be much appreciated!

More people to sign on to take part in Work for Charity Day - details in the linked post at my journal.

What do you need?

Someone to remind me not to sabotage my own wellness by my stubborn insistence on doing everything myself.

What do you have?

A collection of recipes larger than any one person should ever have. Looking for a recipe for something? Odds are I have one, probably even tried and true.

As a subset, decent bento skills.

Back issues of Interweave Crochet Magazine that I will happily send to a new home.

Good luck to your husband!

I think Work for Charity Day is a great idea. I'm hesitant to make a commitment until I know what my income looks like in my new job, but I'll see what happens once I can better plan a budget.

What do you want?
+ Yarn. I like to knit all the things.
+ Someone who could help me set up a website in the nearish future.
+ Interesting beads that I can use to make jewelry.
+ Fabric to sew into clothes and toys and whatever.

What do you need?
+Income: I can make lots of stuff--jewelry, knitted things, sewn things, jam, baked goods... I can also do editing. Not sure. I've been SAHM long enough that I've forgotten that I have skills not related to childrearing.

+A job for my SO: he has a B.S. in Biology. Is looking for entry-level work... he also has decent computer skills and a fairly strong chemistry background. We're willing to relocate. He's already been hunting for a while and is demoralized.

+Toddler clothing: pajamas, fall appropriate clothes, winter wear. Sizes 2T and up. We're trying to avoid licensed characters and obnoxious sayings. Toddler in question is a girl, but we don't really care too much about whether she's got "girl" or "boy" clothes.

+To conquer my anxiety. To find some direction in my life.

What do you have?
+Some random baby clothes in sizes 12 months and under. Mostly "girl" stuff.

+I know people in many places and I'm pretty good at networking--so I might be able to point you in the direction of good connections, friend or professional.

+I'm pretty good at research--especially genealogy and job postings. But I'm decent at searching out pretty much any information.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
What do you want?

I'm looking for a synagogue I can join. I'm about to move to Brooklyn. I think Reform is more likely to be the right level of observance for me, as long as we're not talking about the "let's sing a zillion random songs that have nothing to do with the service and then talk about our feelings" kind of Reform. Sometimes Conservative works for me, if it is egalitarian and people aren't going to yell at me if I do not know every little tradition. Above all, I just want somewhere I can go to services every so often, that is feminist-friendly and LGBT-friendly, and that is welcoming to introverts like me who are super intimidated by cliques.

Recipes have come up a lot, so I'm interested in some recommendations on that end. I'd like some ideas for recipes I can prepare quickly after work. In my home cooking, I'm a vegetarian. I'm lactose-intolerant, but I don't want to admit it. I think tofu is an awesome food, and I am always looking for new things to cook with it.

Music recommendations would be awesome. My favorite bands right now are Florence + The Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, and the Decemberists. I'm also a big fan of instrumental music, particularly movie scores. If there's ever a movie of my life, it won't be complete without a Thomas Newman score. I have a thing for pianos. I like the kind of music that will take me to a magical place. Either that, or have an awesome beat I can get caught up in. Bonus points for both.

What do you need?

Resources for my coming out journey. After a lot of repression, followed by concern that I was just a straight girl faking attraction to women, I've finally come out as bi. I'm not sure if that's quite right, but it may be as close as I'm going to get. Now I'm trying to get a better handle on what that means for me, while still being scared that the proverbial random guy in sunglasses who yells "SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE" is right. To that end, I'm interested in NYC-area communities, people who I can talk to (inevitably, awkwardly), and reading material (book or blog).

Ideas for things to do with friends (or a potential girlfriend/boyfriend) that go beyond watching TV at my apartment or going to bars/restaurants. Those things are fun, but when I don't do very much else with friends or dates, I feel super boring. Bonus points if these are relatively cheap activities, as I will be working at a nonprofit.

What do you have?

I think that I make a decent writing buddy. I can help people bounce and refine ideas, help people stay motivated (while getting some motivation for my own writing), and help critique.

Some books that I think would be happier living with and being read by people who are not me. If you're interested, I can e-mail the list.

An excess of furniture.

An excess of electrical cords. Do they go with anything? Why do I own them?

I probably have some sort of talent that I'm overlooking.

I put out the synagogue question to my Facebook friends. I've got some NYC Jewish folks on there who might have some ideas.

And, my friend Sam suggested Union Temple, which is a Reform Temple just off Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn (really close to where I used to live). I've heard it's a nice place, and they have a female rabbi. If you want to know more info, you can probably message her (check out my FB post).

Edited at 2013-08-03 03:49 am (UTC)

What do you want/need? Local friends (within about an hour) to the Augusta, Ga area - preference to those who are single as I have plenty of the married/longterm committed variety who never hang out. Bonus points if willing to be a casual workout buddy for mutual motivation. How to survive allergies that seem to be uncommon, but the foods are contained in everything. How to go out to eat and not look like I'm a difficult/picky eater or starving myself.
What do you have?Lots and lots of encouragement. Advice for surviving conventions like DragonCon. Cosplay skills. An adorable puppy who doesn't mind cuddling other people on occasion. A listening ear who may be able to help and present different options/solutions to an issue if wanted, or as just a sounding board.

Edited at 2013-08-03 03:46 am (UTC)

The only useful dining out strategy I've found is getting menu information ahead of time. Bonus points if they include allergen information because I used to think plain grilled chicken wouldn't have wheat or soy in it.

What do you want?
Tenants in Lexington, KY who don't suck. They'd pay their rent on time and in full. They wouldn't be destructive and they'd know how to do things like operate the thermostat and reattach the burners they pulled out.

Low carb recipes. I hate reading the sites with all the filler talk about weight loss, moralizing food, etc.

Color suggestions for pale skin, auburn hair, and blue yes.

What do you need?
My various body systems to behave themselves.

What do you have?
I'm a chemist who specializes in identifying illicit drugs
Everything I need to write snail mail letters
Paleo site recs
Above average knowledge of boating safety
An 8 year old cat who is a source of stories and photos

I'll check around with the people I know and know are trustworthy/not flakey around Lex and see if anyone's looking. Any specifics about it that you don't mind posting on here?