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Take a Penny, Leave a Penny!

Close to three years ago, karnythia hosted an LJ post where she asked people to leave a comment if they had something they wanted or needed, or if they had something they were willing to give or offer.

I got two things: yarn and friends.

This is how I met rosefox, who has since become one of the people in my life whom I value most.

So I've been thinking a lot lately about that and what a big impact it had on my life over the past three years. And it made me want to do it for other people.

Quoting karnythia's post from all those years ago:

What do you want?
What do you need?
What do you have?

Feel free to answer any or all of them. They do not need to be realistic things (I put world peace on mine last time) If you don't have a LiveJournal, or would prefer to answer anonymously, give us a way to contact you.

Feel free to share this on LJ, DW, and other social media if you like.

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What do you want?
My husband to get the dream job that he's currently one of three in the running for - any thoughts, luck, or good wishes would be much appreciated!

More people to sign on to take part in Work for Charity Day - details in the linked post at my journal.

What do you need?

Someone to remind me not to sabotage my own wellness by my stubborn insistence on doing everything myself.

What do you have?

A collection of recipes larger than any one person should ever have. Looking for a recipe for something? Odds are I have one, probably even tried and true.

As a subset, decent bento skills.

Back issues of Interweave Crochet Magazine that I will happily send to a new home.

Good luck to your husband!

I think Work for Charity Day is a great idea. I'm hesitant to make a commitment until I know what my income looks like in my new job, but I'll see what happens once I can better plan a budget.

Awesome; thank you! And no rush; it's not until November... :)

This might be wacky, but do you have a good recipe for the white sauce they serve at Japanese hibachi places? Sometimes it's called yum yum sauce. Or one for the ginger salad dressing at many Japanese places? (Creamy or non creamy are equally fine)

I haven't made it myself, but here's a recipe that's been on my to-try list for a while:

It's not exactly authentic (it calls for agave nectar; I'd probably swap in mirin if I wanted to be more traditional), but other than that it looks pretty tasty.

Alas, I can't find a decent ginger salad dressing recipe - I'm sorry! I keep looking, but all I can find is carrot-ginger or sesame-ginger (I admit, not being a huge fan of ginger outside of baked goods, this is an area where my library is sadly deficient....)

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