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cap, captain miss america
Your Likelihood of Committing Murder is -12%

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Wow... mine is actually lower than yours; 4%.

No, she got lower. She got NEGATIVE 14.

You know, while looking for new updates, I read Tea's post at least five times and I never once noticed that little "-". Can we say 'embarassed'?

You could've thought it was being used like a ":". It's not that bad.

Somehow mine is like... 41%

I don't see how believing in God is going to make me more likely to commit murder, though.

~grins~ Silly quizzes

i believe in god too so i don't think that was it.


13%. I thought it'd be higher..

I get the highest, 64% O_o. Okay, so I liked dissecting stuff in highschool and I like attention and to be alone. How does that make me a murderer? ^_^


4% ???

these tests know NOTHING. :P

Is the - supposed to be a negative or simply a seperating point?

~tests this theory~

oh.. it's a negative...

In that case, I got a negative 41%... damn

Oh good, I feel so much safer knowing that people in my buddy list aren't serial killers, likely to track me down and end my sorry existence.

I got 10%.

How the hell did I get 31%?! I'm the least murderous person I know! I don't even swat the goddamn mosquitos!


Maybe the test saw into my heart and found something I didn't even know was there :D

I got 21%. Heh. Watch out my pretties or I'll chop off your head! *grins*


WHAT?!!! I'd never murder anyone. Why does reading a lot, not being allowed to see R-rated movies as a child, and not supporting the death penalty have to do with committing murder?

Silly quiz. :^P

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