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tea berry-blue

Birthday Things

Tomorrow is my birthday. Last year on my birthday, I wrote this.

It's funny because I didn't remember what I said last year until I went to look, and looking now, I could write the same thing again. I did remember writing it, and that I wanted to say something about my birthday this year.

But I could write the same thing again. And oddly, I think this year has had higher highs and lower lows, more adventures and firsts, more flights and more falls. I think this has been, in a lot of ways, one of the most significant years of my life. I did more, learned more, went more places, met more people, made more friends, and fell in love with New York City all over again.

I rode a bike in Manhattan for the first time. I learned to play the ukelele (in the last WEEK). I focused on music a lot more than I have in ages. I stayed out late, I got up early, I actively chose to be brave and adventurous and say yes to things I might not have said yes to in the past.

So many of you helped me have those adventures. Thank you so much. I would not be me without every single one of you.

I made a list of things I want for my birthday which you can see here. A lot of them are just things I want to see more of in the world and cost no money.

I love you all. Thank you so much for this year.
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