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Bed stuffed with diamonds
cap, captain miss america

So I fell into the fic hole. rainy_day is away right now, so there's less to do, so I actually realized maybe I should tell people where I am.

I am currently at Comic-Con. We wrote a chapter of our fic about Captain America being totally overwhelmed at Comic-Con.


Meanwhile, thirteen-year-old Tony Stark accidentally sent himself back in time.


This is so much fun. And then I look at the word counts. Holy geez.


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"He's sort of enamored with Seamless."

And then I laughed so hard I nearly woke Josh, and he's wearing earplugs and sleeping on the other side of a closed door.

SORRY JOSH. Or is that nearly sorry?

I totally made friends with Sexy Loki this weekend, which was the best.

Your nerd level is getting so adorable.

I was in the city but not at comic-con, didn't have a ticket! I loved your Miss Captain America!

Aw! Becca, you should have told me, I would have totally met up with you for lunch or dinner or something.

Wait till you see my Halloween costume. It's going to be EPIC.

I figured it would be better to have a Tea visit since I already had TJ and Sophie to see and then everyone at comic con.

What is this epicness going to be?

Okay <3 Visit soon!

And I'm going to be Pirate Iron Man.

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