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Oh, yeah, right, and hi, people. I did this thing where I wrote a love song from Steve Rogers to Tony Stark. Because that is my life now. This is full of science nerd stuff.

Lyrics on Ao3

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CAT CAT CAT I MISS YOU! How are you?

Busy as heck, but pretty good! I love your ukulele-ing! You just keep getting cooler every time I look. XD

Kind of admiring the new hair cut. I hope you did it back when it was blistering hot!

Noooo I did it when it got cold so I could wear hats and not have frozen hair.

Aah, there's that. I liked your old style, but this is a fun one, too.

This song delights me in so many ways - on so many levels - that I can't even - don't know how - so happiness, the song...

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