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The True Story of Today
cap, captain miss america
Okay, so this is the true story of today. There's a lovely reader over on Ao3 who wrote us a fanfic based on a letter Steve writes Tony 1796 Broadway. The letter is about a box of chocolates Steve remembers from his childhood. It's called "Simple and Perfect" by Filigree, and it's about Tony tracking down the same chocolates based on Steve's description of the box. Anyway, in the story, the chocolates are from a company called Li-Lac, and the box is gold and purple striped. Then today happened.

I was totally in Grand Central Station, getting ready to visit my parents for the weekend.

I see a woman walking around the food court who is wearing a Li-Lac Chocolates apron.

I go, WHOASHIT. I stop her. I say, "I'm really sorry, I know you are probably on your break, but is there a Li-Lac chocolates in the station?"

She says yes, and tells me it's upstairs.

Okay. The heat is on. I have ten minutes until my train leaves, and Grand Central is super busy with holiday traffic. I have two huge, heavy bags.


Upstairs. Upstairs. In the market.

It's a bit of a ways down, totally doable, but there's this man walking SUPER SLOW right in front of me. MOVE OVER, MAN.

Cool, he moved. Now there's a wheely thing someone just left on the floor, like a thing for wheeling around boxes.



I whip out my phone. There's a cashier. Fuck. The cashier asks if he can help me.

"I just wanted to know if I could take a photo of your shop?"

He says yes, but then keeps giving me weird looks, and finally asks me why I'm doing it.

I AM NOT GOING TO SAY IT IS FOR A SLASHFIC ON THE INTERNET. So I'm like, "A friend of mine has a really old box from here, she showed me a picture of it, and was talking about wanting to know where she could get some."

In front of me are some boxes covered in flowers. "Not like that," I said. "It's purple and gold stripe--"

And then I see it. The purple and gold striped box. "Like THAT," I said.

And his eyes lit up. "Really?" he asked. "Could you let her know we'd love to see it? Here, here's my card--"


It's the President of Li-Lac Chocolates, and I lied through my teeth to him thinking he was a random seasonal employee because I wasn't going to explain Avengers slashfic.

His name is Anthony. If you're reading this, sorry, Anthony.



OH ALSO. Who is using tumblr these days? I've been using it more lately. I'm teaberryblue over there.

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Li-Lac chocolates are the best! Their Champagne truffles are particularly excellent. Whenever I had something to celebrate, when I was a teenager, I'd get a box of four truffles to share with the family.

I'm a bit bemused at the idea of having to "track down" Li-Lac. I guess the shop's not on Christopher Street anymore, but they're in the phone book...

EDIT: Ah, I see, they just had a description to go on. That makes sense, then!

Edited at 2013-12-21 07:17 am (UTC)

I want to eat them now that I'm aware they are a readily available thing! We're going to get some now when rainy_day is in town!

Tony doesn't have a name for the store at first or anything, just a very vague description of the box, so it's more trying to figure out where that box came from, not them being difficult to come by. But the author also isn't from New York, so I'm not sure how she came up with them or anything.

I had literally never heard of them until this fic was written; I don't know how I could have missed them! IN GRAND CENTRAL. Although I don't remember the last time I was in the market there!

ETA: Hahaha, yes, I was replying this thing to you while you were editing!

Edited at 2013-12-21 07:23 am (UTC)

I'm on tumble as batchix. I'm also currently being accosted by a large black cat and it's hard to type.

WOW that is an awesome story. I'm on tumblr as notanearlyadopter.

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