tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Why My Dad Will Always Be The Best

Soooo, every year, my dad buys me an angel statuette, and we open them a few days before Christmas. My brother gets a bear statuette at the same time. The statuettes are supposed to be reminiscent of a significant event from that year. So, like, previous to this year, I have a graduation angel from the year I graduated college, a cat angel from the year I got my first cat, a bee angel from the year I started keeping bees, etc etc etc.

You get the picture.

This year, my dad got me a Warren statue to go with Dear Captain America, in which he is Tony's first boyfriend at boarding school.

Yep. Most appropriate angel ever.

photo (4)
photo (3)photo (2)
photo (5)

Tags: christmas, fan fiction
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