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Jekyll & Charlotte


Jekyll & Charlotte

I just posted the last chapter in the first long fic I've ever completed from beginning to end.  It clocks in at about 78k words.  It is NOT Winter Soldier compliant as I actually finished writing it before the movie came out (which is eerie in some of the similarities, but hey...)

I'm just copy/pasting my blurb from Ao3:

In the aftermath of the Battle of New York, four Avengers move into Stark Tower. One goes back to California. Another goes back to Asgard. Natasha is tasked with keeping the team in one piece. In the beginning, her job is a tangle of conflicting personalities, emotional fallout, and distrust.

After a while, it stops being a job.

This story is also a love letter to all the books I read growing up, to Asbury Park, with a little side of She-Hulk.   It also addresses what the Avengers were up to during Iron Man 3.

This is an official prequel to 1796 Broadway. Read in either order.

Tags: fanfiction, fanfiction by me, jekyll and charlotte, writing by me
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