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1796 Fanworks Challenge
cap, captain miss america
I realized I should post this here, in case there's anyone who wants to take part.

We recently got to 100000 hits on our fanfic, which is kind of huge. We also hit 20,000 comments, which is pretty much unheard of-- the average for Ao3 is 5, and the next highest is about 7,000.

So we wanted to do something fun and fandom-friendly and interactive to celebrate

To that end, we're hosting the Earth-1796 Fanworks Challenge, a fanfic and fanart contest for readers* of 1796 Broadway.  (*you do not need to be a regular reader to enter, though it will help!)

Description and Rules here
Read 1796 Broadway

Here's how it works: We're inviting you to submit 1796-inspired fanworks for the next four weeks. We've created two Ao3 collections for this purpose:

Fanart Section | Fanfic Section

When you submit your work to the collection, it will be invisible through June 7, 2014. In a month, we'll open the entries to voting. All entries will appear as "anonymous" entries. Readers will vote for the three best art entries and the three best fiction entries. Each of the top three vote-getters for each category will get one of the following prizes:

Screen-Accurate Steve Rogers Dog Tags
Avengers Assemble Lunchbox Grab Bag
Comfy Cozy Captain America Fleece Throw and Marvel Kawaii Collection Socks 4-Pack
NYPD “America’s Finest” Captain America Coffee Cup and Journal

Rain and Tea will each select an additional "Authors' Choice" prizewinner, someone whose work we particularly liked but who did not win, and these winners will receive the remaining prize in each category. The first-place vote getters will get to choose from the pot of prizes first, then the second, third, and then the Author's Choice winners, so that everyone gets a shot at the prize they want most.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We'll be happy to answer!

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I want to enter this so badly, but I can't draw. I will likely enter anyway, with my sad little drawings :D Great idea, it's really nice of you to give back to the fans.

You can enter the writing portion!

Or both portions! Enter both! I suspect it will be like an HE contest and not everyone entering will be a super amazing artist!

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