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cap, captain miss america
for all y'all's who aren't in the chat, here's galen!

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yeah, i actually did one version of him with blond hair and one of him Gift-ing his hair. the hair is rendered better in the blond version, but the rainbow version is more in-character.


ohh, tea, I LOVE him!!! the hair, of course ;O); the eyes, the eyebrows...and that GRIN. *is pretty grinful herself* He's absolutely puckishly perfect.

...Erm. Who exactly is he? *laughing* He's very very cool, whoever he is!!

my chat char, galen madder glazier. his mother is a Dyer, his father is a Glazier. he is the youngest son and the only one to inherit either family Gift, which means he grew up becing hated by his brothers. he in turn has *both* family Gifts, the Dyer Gift, which gives him the sbility to manipulate colors (hence the hair) and *ought* to give him thread magic, but...somehow morphed with the Glazier Gift, which gives him the ability to manipulate glass, and through this fluke also gives him glass magic, ie, he can manipulate things by focusing on a glass object...he can also manipulate light. the point of that being that he can't actually create illustions, but he can *fake* illusion magic by screwing with the way light falls or is directed. he's supposed to be puckish, his personality is based on the very rare information about william shakespeare as a child/young teen. that's the short version.

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