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So, some of you may rememeber this dream I had back in March

For those of you who don't want to reread, it's about a movie actor who had the little "condition" where every character he played came to life as a doppelgänger.

In this dream, he actually had a name that I remember--Chance. And I now have at least a partial list of his major roles/doppelgängers: Fortinbras the pirate [think a younger, more heroic but just as addled Jack Sparrow), Joe the housepainter (from a romantic comedy), Ben the minor league ball player (also romantic comedy), Bailey, a lawyer who quits his high-salaried job to help a a group of families with sick kids file a class action lawsuit, Danny the bus driver from the movie "Hazard Pay" which was a Speed-esque action thriller on a bus, and his best-known role, Hal Cartwright from the Subject Alpha movies, a series of three films about an ex-soldier who was subjected to military testing that accidentally gave him telekinetic powers and became a morally ambiguous superhero (something like if Christopher Nolan directed a cross between Captain America, The Jason Bourne movies, and The Manchurian Candidate)

Anyway, the reason I know this was that I had a dream that Chance was doing a press tour for the newest installment in the Subject Alpha series (the fourth movie) and he had to do an interview for a webcast with one of those teen magazines that asks you things like what your favorite color is.

So, funny thing: Chance has painful social anxiety. I knew this already because the last time he was in one of my dreams, he was at a party and basically coming up with a billion reasons to stand in the corner alone and getting increasingly edgy every time someone approached him.

So he's kind of not feeling up to the interview, and he asks Bailey if Bailey will go do it instead (Bailey is the lawyer doppelgänger and extremely friendly and outgoing), and Bailey agrees.

So Bailey is just sitting there, totally at ease, wearing Chance's clothing, and they start asking him the typical dumbass questions--

I don't remember all of them, but definitely the two I do are worth it.

"What's your favorite color?"

"Orange. But not just any orange, the orange that lines the horizon when you watch a sunset over the Pacific."

"What kind of girl are you looking for?"

"Ha. So I know I'm supposed to say I'm looking for someone I'm comfortable being myself with, or some bullshit like that. But I'm not. I'm looking for a woman who intimidates me. Who's madly intellectual. Who reads Proust, and hates Proust."

Thank you, brain.
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