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doodly! doodly!
cap, captain miss america
i have ONE FRIEND!

i almost wrote ONE FRIED!

but i have ONE FRIEND!

hi rick!

my parents are having a sleepover with me, but my mommy is asleep and my daddy is channel-surfing. mikey is away and i'm all lonely so they came in and bought me steaky-wakey with friend parsnips on top and some carpaccio and now i am full up.

i like being a bitch sometimes, but i hate when people treat me like i'm being a bitch when i amn't. i don't think personal attacks are appropriate in public forums and i frankly just want to leave it be in terms of personal issues, but DUDE... tigerlady is not a real rational person. she told me that i couldn't possibly have known rick's context in his totally misconstruction of a statement he made, and then misquoted him to prove it. i hate when people don't follow rules in an argument, because you just can't follow rules back. and then she turned it into a personal slander. here she is talking about how she was angry because someone made a personal comment, and then made really nasty personal comments that weren't based on anything. maybe she is having a bad day in real life. oh well.

i am full of steak.

i am going to find quizzes to fill this thing up wif.

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Tea, don't worry about Tigerlady. I can defend myself perfectly well, I've handled worse in real life. I just hope I can somehow find a way to apologize to her, I don't like making enemies.

On a related note, "i am full of steak" is the best thing I have ever heard. Oh, and I mean that. It's sort of like some bizarre inversion of "i am full of shit". Does that make sense? Woof, I need sleep. Steak is pretty tasty though, huh?

I hate it with a passion when people misquote intentionally, too. It's so sneaky.

Um, this has really not much to do with this entry, but isn't is strange how LJ seems to open up whole new ways of communication? At least it seems that way too me. Writing in somebody elses journal is a bit like going over to a friend for a visit and a chat.

Or perhaps I just need more sleep.


i agree with you, alex. this whole livejournal thing is cool because it gives you a place to really talk about yourself (that would be the proverbial you, meaning me, of course) to yor online friends in a way that they don't normally get to hear about the real you, the human person, and not just the persona(e) that goes with the handle. for example, i really only "met" rick because i peeked at his LJ for some reason (not sure why, i think i just checked every section of his website) and reading it has made me care about his life. i really want to see him succeed as a filmmaker or comic-book creator, while there are people i've talked to online on BBS or something for years and i don't really care that much about. i like it.


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