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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
hey, this is an invite to a select group of people. a few friends of mine from DotG are starting up a new message-board based RPG. so far there are five people involved, three of who i know well and who are really good writers (and the fourth someone i know and like but who i don't know as well), and i'm really excited about it. also, unlike DotG, it's set in an original world which means you don't have to have read any particular books in order to join/understand the premise.

i encourage anyone who might be interested to check it out. i would really like to see the sphere of players in this expand beyond just the DotGers on repeat. pass the link along to friends who might be interested as well.


if you are interested, let me know you're applying...i can put in a good word for you.

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oooh! I love RPGs!
can I play? *dance*

go to the URL and apply! it's awesome and they're looking for new people!


I can't apply because I can't even see all the site. Too many server errors o_O

d'oh, i'll get you in touch with the GMs directly instead. drop me an email.

okay, jen, talk to prakriti if you want to do the RP.


or if you use AIM, IM her at Marahaya

tell her you're having trouble accessing the site and could she send you application info. tell her also that you're a friend of mine.


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