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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
okay, dude, so i did a ton of drawing this weekend of chars from an RP.

addendum: the rp is silver dew

kataly, my character

they look really nice; i'm proud and happy.

this one is worth posting:

I Am Loki
Loki is the darkest-natured of all the tricksters and like him, your sense of humor can be morbid, even a bit spiteful at times. You find it wickedly amusing when someone makes a fool of themselves and you're willing to help the process along. Cries of outrage fall on deaf ears - you couldn't care less what the commoners think. And god help anyone who tries to make a fool of you - they'll find out quickly just how nasty you can be!.

Which Trickster are you?
Take the Trickster Test at www.isleofdreams.net

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Wow, Tea! I don't know who those characters are, not being a member of DOTG, but that's amazing art! It looks great.

thank! they're not dotg chars, though, they're from silver dew.


tea, you are my hero (tea-ro?). You rock.

That is all.


aww, shucks.

i'll try to live up to that.


I adore your drawing style! ^_^
Somehow, I'm enchanted by the drawing of Indrani.

Me tooooo! :D

She got Indi down just perfect. I made her blush with praise. ;)


simon came out very well in the end :))

just a doubt: weren't they supposed to be teens? apart from 'avery' they all quite look in their early twenties

heyaz~ those pictures are so well done :o)
you left a comment in my LJ before about
being a tammy fan as well as a KiSS artist
so nice to meet you ^__^
Do you know Kiz as well?

i RP with kiz! she's at camp now though which is *sad.*

glad you like the pics. i'm even more excited to meet someone who is into tp *and* KiSS!!! woohoo!!!

if you haven't seen my dolls, they're at http://www.antagonia.net/philematophobia.html

i am aware that some of the links dun work right now, some of th eolder ones...hafta fix that soon.

yay for meeting people!


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