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i may still not take your advice, but...
cap, captain miss america
my hair is currently chin-length, just long enough to put in a ponytail and just long enough to drive me nuts all the time, but too short to do anything wild and wacky with.

i need some moral support to either forge my own path and whack it off or decide to stick with it for the long run. *shrug*

Poll #50423 haircut!

should i cut my hair? if so, how?

no! continue to let it grow out
no! keep it the length it is now
yes! get a nice expensive styled haircut
yes! cut it to ear-length
yes! cut it to 2 inches (just enough to curl)
yes! cut it to one inch
yes! give yourself a cute dykey buzzcutt
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Where's the option to make it look like the lead singer of Incubus's hair?
I love thair haircut! Actually, I think you should have it cut like my friend, Danielle. Make the back of it be really short, just long enough to cover your hair and not be buzzy. Then, make the front of it (around your face) longer. Cute. ^_^

that option isn't there since that was my last major haircut. or close to it.


Which hair would you like to get cut? ^_~

I think that I'd let it grow out, but it really depends on how you want your hair. Right now mine's in a boy's bowl haircut, the length being about one inch above my earlobes. I hate waiting for my hair to grow out. Right now the front's at the annoying falling in my eyes stage. (Why did I dye it black? That's why I had to get it all cut off... I dyed it black and it looked like a fright wig or bad Halloween witch hair. I then bleached it to make it look better, which totally killed my hair. I then got 6 in cut off. Then eight. Then I got the rest cut off. Short hair...)


I vote two inches. Just enough to curl. Cute and very individual.

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