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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
all i want for my birthday, i've decided, is for someone to perform the jack black birthday song from SNL. is that so much to ask?

note the song selection. i listened to it on repeat all day at work for the past 2 days.

i want a gin palace.

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Happy, Happy Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!

I'd do it for you if I could get there...Or knew how to do it..Or if I was Jack Black..well, I s'pose I'd know how to do it then, wouldn't I? Then I'd probably be able to afford to catch a plane down there and perform it for you.

Man..I wish I was Jack Black..*sigh* But since I'm not I'd better go back to work.

*Laura, who doesn't want the company to have access to her lj, so she refuses to login*

Why'd you have to pick a song I don't know? :)

Happy birthday, tea!!!! Um, I don't even know that song, sorry... ~_~

...happy birthday!

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