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cap, captain miss america
what tea has in common with her friends!

went through my userinfo and checked what interests i have in common with the folks on ym friends list. i'm listing people by the name i know them by, it's easier for me. i only did people who have interests listed

megan: kisekae, singing, smashing pumpkins, and also THE smashing pumpkins
kikka: alice in wonderland, kisekae, kiss dolls, and reading
batchix: kiss dolls
bbkitty: kisekae
beakis: kisekae
jamie: animation, dotg AND daughters of the goddess, mageduels, reading, and shadow minions
cam: reading, shakespeare, singing, the smashing pumpkins
court: elvis costello
crissy: kisekae, kiss dolls, and tori amos
will: singing, smashing pumpkins, zorak
mikey: comics, council of doom, david lynch, elvis costello, tori amos, twin peaks, zorak
dootsie bug: kisekae
eilonwy: comics, labyrinth, neil gaiman, reading, sandman, shakespeare, tam lin, tori amos
elaine: kisekae, reading
emby: kisekae, singing
katy: jhonen vasquez, reading, singing
kandle: david bowie, ghost world, kisekae, kiss dolls, the smashing pumpkins, tori amos
rick: city of lost children, kisekae, oscar wilde, zorak
lammy: daughters of the goddess, photography, reading
muffy: kisekae AND kiss dolls
tasha: alice in wonderland, city of lost children, david bowie, horror, jhonen vasquez, neil gaiman, photography, rasputina, reading, sandman
jessi: kisekae, kiss dolls, neil gaiman, oscar wilde, shakespeare, smashing pumpkins and THE smashing pumpkins
jade: kisekae and reading
rubie: nothing
kalli: daughters of the goddess, gobble the turkey, and reading
alex: animation, david bowie, kisekae, kiss dolls, labyrinth, neil gaiman, reading
kelly: reading, singing
kiz: daughters of the goddess AND dotg
leisaie: ray bradbury, reading, shakespeare
levi: david bowie, neil gaiman, the smashing pumpkins, tori amos
laura: daughters of the goddess, reading
mariye: comics, kisekae, reading, singing
shawn: kisekae, kiss dolls, sewing, singing
n3koch4n: kisekae AND kiss
kimiki: elvis costello, kiss dolls, sewing
phreak: david bowie, kisekae, singing, smashing pumpkins
paige: reading
ruthless: kisekae, photography
sara: daughters of the goddess, mageduels, shadow minions, shakespeare, simon and garfunkel, tim curry's legs
jen: alice in wonderland, comics, reading
rosie: NOTHING?!!?! WHAT?!?!
gia: daughers of the goddess AND dotg, reading
alcy: kisekae, kiss dolls, reading
krysten: daughters of the goddess, reading, silver dew
alleria: reading

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I didn't realize I had listed the smashing pumpkins twice! This just goes to show how silly I can be.

You do realize that I'm going to have to do this now, don't you? :)

i have it listed twice on purpose, cause lots of people have it listed as smashing pumpkins and lots have it listed as THE smashing pumpkins.

whee!! have fun, i think i'm gonna continue and list how many people have each of my interests when i have a lot of free time. i have a lot of interests for which i'm the only one.

shitnitz, I don't have neil gaiman as an interest? *dies* I thought I added him when I added pterry.

it's okay sara, you're already my number one match on the friends magic index.


Geez, I'm the only boring one!

I was scrolling through, and as I saw "current music" I could have sworn it said "Bush-16 Stone." I did a double-take, and am relieved to be wrong. :)

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