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my unique interests:

-almost empty gin palaces (a line from beyond belief)
-assisted-living dracula (an aquateens ref)
-bacon mummy (mummies are more delicious in the bacon variety)
-chocolate lasagne (mmmm)
-cyborg helmets (my venetian mask)
-david eugene edwards (frontman for 16hp, solo album:woven hand)
- doctor manhattan (mikey and the guy from the watchmen)
-invisible chickens (live in my apartment)
-iron hans (the fairy tale, specifically my marilee heyer illustrated copy)
-john of ephesus (author of revelations)
-kataly artimodaes (my SD character)
-minchiate (a type of divination cards and card game similar to tarot but with 90-something cards)
-oraculares (kataly's magic glasses)
-principe pazzo (a fairy tale character who falls in love with the girl in the moon)
-psychoklahoma (brak show reference)
-red plastic glasses (i wear them)
-sandpiggies (the pigs who help the sandman. they also play curling)
-seaward (susan cooper novel)
-septimus warren-smith (the suicidal madman in mrs. dalloway)
-sheet burritoes (jhonen vasquez reference)
-simon desmoulins (krysten's SD char, kataly's new friend)
-the happy hocky family (a book)
-the hieronymous machine (silver crown ref)
-the plague wall (in siena, italy)
-vanilla buttercreme (the frosting, the filling)
-vasilisa (russian fairy tale heroine)
-walled cities (any of them, especially verona)
-welles' othello (the movie)
-what the moon saw (hans christian andersen fairy tale)
-wicked dairies (a typo that was so funny i left it)
-wild smoochy (a small purple hippo who lives with me and mikey, and eats mikey)
-wooden eyes (a 16hp reference)
-woolly rhino (also lives with us, named maxwell)
-your russia (david eugene edwards song i love)
Tags: livejournal, meme
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