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omelette crush
cap, captain miss america
do you ever feel yourself falling in love with someone you really ought to know better about?

the last time i did that was over 3 years ago. i had a horrifying dream about someone i didn't know very well. it took place on a subway, and we spoke two different languages. i woke up and i was in love. i cried myself to sleep every night for a week, which i don't think made mikey feel real happy.

however, i figured out how to get over a crush that time. i call it "making friends." and i love that person very, very much, more than most people i know, but i haven't got a crush on him anymore.

friends are good.

i have a crush on someone else i oughtn't. it's a very very stupid one and i should be grown-up enough to know better but the first time i even came into contact with this person, i sort of knew immediately, without having any sort of communication, that i'd wind up doing this. d'oh.

the difference between then and now is that now i can laugh at myself. i am so stupid.

it's okay.
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