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pity me.
cap, captain miss america
i got my period a couple days early and totally abruptly, no warning signs or anything. which means i'm wearing cute new panties with little kittens on them and the poor kittens are going to look like a bloody mess. and *then* i got the cramps, full on. and *then* my right hip decided that right now was a good time to hurt when i walk, for no apparent reason. my painkillers aren't working and my hip hurts too much to go buy chocolate to alleviate the problem.

and i have a stiff neck.

rosie signed on but then disappeared. i'm sure she got kicked off her computer or something. it made me super sad because aiko and jammy were going to talk. aiko misses jammy and she needs to have a friend again badly. *and* orrie and jammy *were* talking. all so sad. rosie, i miss you!

and now i feel like crap and i just want to curl up in a little ball. ouchies.

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Awww! Sorry Miss Tea!
I loves you!

Poor Tea!
I'm gonna get kicked off again, and I feel really bad, but I can't trap your present and future selves.

future self isn't trapped, future self's ex-boyfriend is trapped! that's okay! kit and evvy can still be bitter together.


That's what I meant. Future self's ex-boyfriend, who came to see if he could make it up with her, after having left in a strop because of mention of dead sister, except discovered that future self had started living with his best friend, got annoyed, wandered off, then his aforementioned dead sister came to talk to her dead brother, and got him annoyed all over again.
Or maybe your explanation was easier.

but yours is so lovely, rosie.

gahh, they need to talk more! stupid mage! they're frustrating me up the kazoo.


I aim for the longest sentances possible nowadays.
Well, Jamilah could somehow remember that she left something inside, go to get it, then sit down next to Orrie because she doesn't recognise him. It's all in the lighting.
Or they could both go to get drinks.

or you-know-who could walk in and throw things for another loop, eheheh. i know we weren't planning on him getting there until after they found out, but...we can have orrie threaten him about talking about his sister and all sorts of lovely things.

OOH! Shall I do it now? Ignore what I said on the PM, then. This is fun! *Evil grin*
It's payback time for all the nasty things Jammy's said about Ozorne.
Jammy can hear Rani and Orrie shouting! Ooh, that's fun!

Garg, sometimes that happens to my starfish and fishie panties. It's very sad.

two months ago: a scene

Jessi: Have you ever noticed how just when you decide that it's safe to wear Cute New Panties--

Beakis: Oh, every time.

Maybe ovaries have a sense of humor. Either that or they're just really mean.

When I was in high school my period would be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks apart. That was a royal pain. Plus, I wasn't taking birth control yet, so the cramps made me feel like I was going to die. Ugh. I ended up going home from school the first day of my period every time. I'm glad that I don't get those extremely painful cramps anymore...


It once came up on me in the middle of the night and got all over my sheets. It was a very horrible scenario, waking up at two AM to a mess.

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