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you know, there are truly a lot of people in the world who are walking stereotypes. and sometimes that means they're really pretty, because in order to be the perfect walking stereotype, you have to be the prerfect example of whatever stereotypical look you're trying to pull off, so you're gorgeous, but you're still a walking stereotype. you look like a photo in a magazine or catalog. and you write exactly what people expect to see in your journal to the point that yes, if you ever died, someone could write an algorithm to keep filling out your journal till the end of time and no one would really know you were gone except for the fact that you somehow were no longer posting all those pretty pretty pics of yourself, looking just like the epitome of style you are. and i think, at least if all i do is write stupid random crap in here, i'll be unpredictable to the point that i defy the algorithm.

sometimes i think i would like to go out and buy an entire wardrobe of whatever walking stereotype strikes my fancy that day, but, dears, i don't have "the look." don't get me wrong, i don't think i'm un-pretty, though i don't think i'm the gorgeousest girl in the world, but i will never fit anybody's idea of a steretype no matter how hard i try. there is no walking stereotype that requires naturally curly red hair, besides frieda from peanuts, because it's too hard to get. little dark-haired bobs will always be a key component of someone's stereotype because seven out of ten people can get them. tattoos can be a part, but lovely massive scars will never be. too hard to get. it doesn't matter what i define myself as, if i wear clothes that are anything besides nondescript, i never look like i belong the the group defined by that fashion; i look like some shmoe dressing-up-as. and i think i always will.
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