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yay for unique interests!
cap, captain miss america
i killed a lot of interests that i am interested in but that i wouldn't give a crap about if i met someone else who was interested in them. i should kill reading, too. too universal. i mean, i like breathing, too, but that's not on my list

here are some of my new favorites. only 2 of my new interests, bushwoolies and men in makeup, were repeated on other people's lists. and bushwoolies is only on sara's, jamie's, and laura's.

ancient mariners
everett the unhappy bushwoolie
kicking rani saklian
kitsune misake

god i'm a dork.

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whee! Laura and I have evwoolie, except she spells it ev-woolie and I spell it evwoolie..It's the shortened version of everett the unhappy bushwoolie =D

i find the full title so much more amusing. DUDE! rosie has kicking rani on hers too and we didn't even discuss this. so now i have to fix mine so we spell it the same.


I really should check people's interests more often.
On the other hand, it's so fun to do it this way!

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