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so in the morning i was looking in the mirror while i brushed my teeth. i'm losing weight again and i don't know, i think it's getting to the creepy stage. the thing is, i'm not skinny. my legs are still thick and i've still got a nice layer of flab on my arms. my boobs, as always, are still enormous. but my waist. my god. my waist is so small in comparison to my chest that i look like i'm going to break from the weight. when i stickout my gut, in months lately i've had a gut, but that went away, and now there's just this strange contradiction in body parts going on.

i haven't had much of an appetite lately. i've been eating lunch probably 2/3 of the time, and when i do i usually have a yogurt and maybe some chips. yogurt is yummy. the main reason or this is that the food selections in the neighborhood of my office suck. even though i'm not really eating enough, there's nowhere around to get a good sandwich and i'm the sort of person who will go hungry before i'll eat bad food. spoiled, spoiled tea.

the funny thing is, at dinnertime i haven't been much hungry either. =P a lot of the time i can't finish my food. i think a lot of it is the heat, it makes hot food hard to eat. i dunno.
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