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i'm not a geek, i'm not a geek

so, remember how i said i started writing that profile. and then i said i wasn't writing any more of it. and then i wrote more and said i wouldn't finish it. well now i finished it. *shakes head*

i guess if anyone wants him or knows someone who would, he's up for grabs.

Name: Ludovic DiIelsi
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Position: Student

Appearance: The first thing anyone would notice about Ludo is that he is painfully thin, and only threatening to get thinner as he grows. Until he was thirteen, he was slightly chubby, but his appetite hasn't caught up with his height (about 5'9" currently, but he'll probably grow another couple inches before he gets to the convent at this rate) and it shows. He has a shock of messy, slightly wavy, dark brown hair, medium olive skin, a strong Tyran nose, and dark brown eyes. His lips are girlish and fixed in a permanent pout. He would be handsome if he weren't so slight of build.

Since his return to convent, he dresses entirely in black, carries a small black satchel and notebook with him everywhere, and a silver charm on a chain. He walks with a calculated stoop-shouldered slouch. When bored, he has a propensity to draw on his skin, which means his hands often have small black curlicues all over them.

Friends and Family:
Father: Alessandro DiIelsi
Mother: Marzia DiIelsi
Sisters: Carlota DiIelsi, age 12
Arabella DiIelsi, age 10
Gianna DiIelsi, age 8
Saronne DiIelsi, age 6
Alessandro expects his eldest child and only son to follow his footsteps and become a diplomat. Ludo's younger sisters were not quite old enough to go to convent before the family returned to Tyra, and as Marzia would prefer for them to marry into Tyran nobility, the two elder girls have been enrolled in a Tyran convent instead.

Ludo spends most of his time writing letters to a girl named Simone, the 15-year-old daughter of a Tusaine diplomat. He has a miniature of her, a lovely dark-haired, blue-eyed girl, which he carries on his person at all times. To hear him talk of her, one would assume that she returns his affections. In fact, it is quite likely that she either doesn't really remember who he is, or hates him passionately. His relationship with her is more that of stalker/victim.

Pet: Ludo has a black mare named Vesta.

Personality: Ludo used to be one of the most easily-amused people known to man. He has, however, recently attempted to shed the remains of his childish former self. He has adopted a fatalistic look at life, but for all his insistence that he doesn't care seems curiously cautious. He attempts to appear intellectual and tries to always be a step ahead as far as what he knows. He has an opinion on everything but doesn't appear opinionated; he won't volunteer an opinion unless asked. His outlook is cynical and jaded and he is quick to dismiss any casual reference to his old ways of thinking. That being said, instinctively he is really an idealist and it is hard for him to entirely shed his dreamy, romantic self in favor of this new, world-weary person he is attempting to project. Caught up in the moment, he will behave like a happy child.

Ludo is fascinated by lying, illusions, and theatrics, and he often assumes he is being lied to though he is not really untrusting. Most of this interest stems from his father's position and he is instantly captivated by intrigues of any sort.

Strengths: Excellent language skills and perfect manners, when he chooses to use them. An avid fascination with whatever he chooses to interest himself in. Plodding and determined. An ability to view a situation from a detached perspective. Obsessive.

Weaknesses: Utterly self-defeating in almost every respect. Attempts to alienate people he sincerely likes. Regrets easily but stubbornly refuses to learn to think things through. Often detached to the point of appearing callous. Obsessive.

Magic: Ludo was originally marked for having affinity for healing, but he's given up on that since he decided that life is too long and hateful and that and deliberately attempting to extend life is a futile effort. His new interest lies in sociological magics, studying speech and interactions and how they can be affected by magic. The psychological effects of magic also fascinate him to no end and he enjoys using magic to enact Pavlovian experiments. In Tyra, he trained a bird to eat seeds in size order. His Gift is not much good for active magics usually used for war magic and he tends to focus on the academics of magic.

Background: Ludo went to the convent from the time he was ten through thirteen. He was happy there, but his father, the ambassador to Tortall from Tyra, was called back and replaced over accusations of theft from the crown. The matter has since been straightened out and his father was reinstated, and Ludo was sent back to the convent after a year's absence.
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