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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
i can't believe i'm going to be in this fucking city tomorrow.

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That's probably going to be really weird...

They aren't planning to do lots of parades and other things like that, are they? I don't think that I'm going to watch any television tomorrow, with the exception of the Cartoon Network. I really don't want to re-hash all the crap that went on last year.


Re: That's probably going to be really weird...

i *wouldn't know*

Re: That's probably going to be really weird...

Well, anything that's going to happen can't be too bad. (Seeing as how they must not be hyping it too much.)

tea, drive up to boston and join me in my crusade to peg every flag waver in the city with a rotten apple so they come to their senses and realize how silly they're being.

i would love to, dear, but i'm going to be super patriotic and go to work and teach people how to code.


can a software application/xml dialect/conceptual art project run for president?

hell yeah! dole did it, didn't he?


wow. that was the best response ever.

I personally have no problem whatsoever with flag-wavers, so long as they aren't one of the stupid fair-weather fans. I see nothing wrong with patriotism, but it should not be a fad. You shouldn't be ashamed of the place where you were born.

Blah. I'm still in the mood to blow up at someone over the discussion that we had in my Children's Lit class. I think it's funny to hear people talk about ADHD children that have never dealt with them in their entire life.

24 hours isn't that long; hang in there...

Either that, or come to DC and bring Mikey... I'll drop some fresh beats Vassar-style. :)


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