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hey, people...

as some of you know, i recently set up a BBS on my site. it's currently off-limits to all but dotg people, but i'm getting a kick out of running it & i've had a couple conversations recently with people about perhaps starting a new RP once the board isn't needed for its current purpose. well, i'd been having some of those previous to the board, which i just set up yesterday...

a few of you played around on the LJ version of the airship RP when i tried to get that going and i was wondering if any of you would be interested in doing it on a BB if i tried to resurrect it? i would probably be severely limiting the number of people involved at first & try to make it something reasonably writing-intensive (longish posts, that's what i've been getting into lately).

for anyone who doesn't know what it was, the airship RP was victorian steampunk on board a zeppelin called the Subterranean Paradox involving a secret society called Colonel Robur's Aesthetic League and Sewing Circle. the concept was to create an RP that revolved around pseudoscience and fake academia that didn't smack of sci fi. nonfictional characters were permitted as long as they fit the time period.

& further, would anyone be interested in writing on a different subject? possiblities (based on my own derangements, open to suggestions) might be a shakespeare RP (iambic pentameter optional), film noir (probably thin-man-ish for the ensemble cast features), death in venice-style (chi-chi victorian seaside resort, literary theory, and cholera, heh). i'm looking for any ideas that require stylized writing or other sorts of challenges, whether writing or research based.

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