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Fuck it

1) Name change. Unified internet identity.

2) I'm going to be posting here again, even if no one else is. Expect different content than before. More media criticism, less personal stuff. More public.

We're doing this. Who's with me?
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New Fic!

Man, I feel kind of weird realizing that I forget to post on LJ these days.

I've written a bunch of stuff.

Heroic Men and Valiant Women is a very short bit about Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter that I wrote for Veteran's Day.

rainy_day and I wrote "How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation" by Clinton F. Barton, Age 39 for, uh, Thanksgiving. It's about Clint Barton and Sif making friends, oddly enough. And exceptional birdery skills.

I've also written sixty fucking pages of a graphic novel about what happens to Bucky Barnes after (and before) The Winter Soldier. It takes place in June, 2014 AND in 1991. It's called The Prizefighters and I update it every Monday on The Saddest Avenger. You can read it from the beginning here-- only the first 48 pages are on Ao3.

Finally, most recently, I wrote an absolutely insane assignment fic for a holiday gift exchange. Dreams of War, Dreams of Liars.

The recipient wanted a story where the PASIV tech from Inception ended up being used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There's a tech that's very similar in the comics, called Dreamvision, so I ended up combining Dreamvision with PASIV and writing a story about Tony having to go into Steve's dreams. It was a lot of fun for me because it allowed me the opportunity to write about a lot of weird stuff, like Midnight Racer, Steve's favorite pre-war radio show (which is entirely fictional and only mentioned once in 70 years of comics history as far as I know).

Anyway, that's what I've been up to, writing wise. Happy New Year, everyone!!!!
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Starting From Scratch

Oh hey so I slipped and 22000 words of Captain America food porn.

Starting From Scratch

It's a story about Steve's first days out of the ice, reacclimation, and finding a connection to the new century through food.

It stars Steve Rogers and his complete disconnect from the world, Bobbi Morse and her crumbling marriage, Nick Fury and his impressive knowledge of whisk(e)y, and a beat-up copy of The Joy of Cooking.

It's nominally a prequel to 1796 Broadway, but pretty much independent and follows the events of Captain America: The First Avenger.
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1796 Fanworks Challenge

I realized I should post this here, in case there's anyone who wants to take part.

We recently got to 100000 hits on our fanfic, which is kind of huge. We also hit 20,000 comments, which is pretty much unheard of-- the average for Ao3 is 5, and the next highest is about 7,000.

So we wanted to do something fun and fandom-friendly and interactive to celebrate

To that end, we're hosting the Earth-1796 Fanworks Challenge, a fanfic and fanart contest for readers* of 1796 Broadway.  (*you do not need to be a regular reader to enter, though it will help!)

Description and Rules here
Read 1796 Broadway

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Please let us know if you have any questions! We'll be happy to answer!

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Jekyll & Charlotte


Jekyll & Charlotte

I just posted the last chapter in the first long fic I've ever completed from beginning to end.  It clocks in at about 78k words.  It is NOT Winter Soldier compliant as I actually finished writing it before the movie came out (which is eerie in some of the similarities, but hey...)

I'm just copy/pasting my blurb from Ao3:

In the aftermath of the Battle of New York, four Avengers move into Stark Tower. One goes back to California. Another goes back to Asgard. Natasha is tasked with keeping the team in one piece. In the beginning, her job is a tangle of conflicting personalities, emotional fallout, and distrust.

After a while, it stops being a job.

This story is also a love letter to all the books I read growing up, to Asbury Park, with a little side of She-Hulk.   It also addresses what the Avengers were up to during Iron Man 3.

This is an official prequel to 1796 Broadway. Read in either order.

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So, I had this dream last night.

It was about a 30-ish film actor who had sort of JUST entered the ranks of household name movie star.

He had a little problem.

Every time he wrapped a film where he played the lead, he somehow spawned a doppelgänger. Each doppelgänger acted like the character he’d played in the film. So, one of the doppelgängers was a washed up pro ball player, one of them was a pirate, one of them was this shy housepainter, etc etc. He had like six or seven of them. But, you know, he’s a successful movie star making millions per picture, so he just kind of pays to support them, and they all live in his house with him.

This makes his life kind of complicated. He doesn’t want anyone to find out about the doppelgängers, so they just kind of hang out in his huge house in California, watching movies and playing video games and swimming in his pool and stuff. Not all of them get along.

This also has kind of put a damper on his ability to date, like, ever.

Then he’s shooting a movie in this old farmhouse, and the niece of the woman who owns it is staying there. He’s kind of entirely smitten with her, but doesn’t make a great impression.

He has to leave to go film in Singapore, but he really likes this girl. So, what does he do? HE LEAVES THE DOPPELGÄNGERS BEHIND AS THEY OFFER TO COURT HER FOR HIM.

You can totally see how this works out.


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