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i like chickens.

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on 28 December 2001 (#423438)
On 27 October 2016
7 August 1978

Some things to know about me:
I live in Queens in New York City. My parents own a restored barn in New Fairfield, Connecticut, and I usually spend my weekends there.

I work for King Features Syndicate, editing comics.

I spend far too much time roleplaying online. My roleplaying poison of choice is Seas of Erin, a play-by-post message board game moderated by quizzicalsphinx.

I am the Gryffindor Head of House in hogwarts_elite. If you have a question or concern about something going on in Gryffindor House, please feel free to contact me via PM or AIM.

I also love to draw and cook and mix drinks. Sometimes you will find drawings and recipes in my LJ. I'm a bit of a glutton for obscenely fancy meals.

Some things to know about my journal:

On friending:

My journal is public. Anyone can read along. Only entries about very personal items are locked. Please feel free to friend me.

HOWEVER, you will notice that my own friends' list is nearing (and has frequently passed) 200. I have difficult keeping up at that size, so if you would like me to add you back, please leave me a note telling me why you are adding me or where I know you from. Otherwise, I will probably not add you back, but don't take it personally-- I have just reached a threshold in terms of how many journals I can keep up with. I frequently friend people who have read my journal and conversed with me over a period of several weeks or months, once I feel I know them better.

On reposting:

Anything that I post in a public entry may be reposted or linked to. Please feel free to repost images as well. My only request is that they be reposted with a link back to my journal.

If I post anything in a friends-only or group-locked post, please ask before reposting elsewhere.

On icons:

If you like one of my icons and it is not one I have posted to my site for people to take, please ask me before taking it for yourself. Almost all my icons were made by me and quite a few are unique. I would like to keep it that way, but I would be happy to allow almost all my icons to be used by other people!

If you would like to make icons or other graphics of my comics or other art, please just link back in the journal post where you originally post them and in the icon userinfo. And I would love to know if you do!

*This is my personal blog and nothing I say here regarding comics, politics, or anything else should be considered the opinion of King Features Syndicate or the Hearst Corporation
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