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Birthday Wish List

So I figured I should do this. If anyone wants to get/give me a thing for my birthday, here are the things I would NOT like and the things I WOULD like.

Please don't:
--tchotchkes or knick knacks of any kind.
--stickers, stationery.
--Stuffed animals.
--Books, unless it is something incredibly special and personal to you or to me.
--Any things that take up space without having a function. Because of moving, I am just dumping a ton of things that are space-eaters. I don't want to dump things people give me.

Please DO:
--Introduce me to a friend of yours whom you think I would like.
--Introduce me to music or a movie you think I would like.
--Take me on a date for food or drinks or a fun activity.
--Take me to a favorite place of yours where I have never been.
--Plan an adventure with me.
--Teach me something, or ask me to teach you something.
--Surprise me. I really really like surprises of the visceral and/or experiential kind.
--Send me a letter, by post or by email. I can give you both addresses if you'd like to do this.
--Write a song. It doesn't have to be for or about me, just put some music in the world.
--Make art. See "song."
--Play music with me, draw with me.
--Arrange to do an activity with me that costs little or no money.
--Send me tricky things. Things in code. Games I have to figure out. Anonymous puzzles. Mysteries.
--Send me on a scavenger hunt or a wild goose chase.
--Tell somebody you love them, especially if it's someone who might not know it.
--Tell somebody you're in love with them, especially if it's someone who might not know it.
--Apologize to someone you've hurt, whom you regret hurting, but have never been able to bring yourself to apologize to.
--Take steps to mend a friendship you're sad you've lost, or to get in touch with someone important to you whom you've lost touch with.
--Take steps to engage in that new hobby or activity you've been meaning to try for months or years.
--Practice something you want to get good/better at.
--Pick one thing you are unhappy with in your life, and try to do something about it.
--Do a kind thing for a stranger.
--Do something you're scared of but have always wanted to do. Do the scary thing, the brave thing.

There are a couple of thing-things I want but they are expensive thing-things and should wait until moving, anyway. If you want to get me a thing-thing, earrings are always a good bet.

Love you all!
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Birthdays are Bigger in Texas

Here is part two of the exciting Birthday Extravaganza! With more pictures!!!!!

I don’t have as many pictures from Friday, because there was more eating and less photographing! Here are some things!

Collapse )

Then we went to a lovely restaurant called Peche, which was an absolutely divine bar. They had a really nice cocktail selection, plus absinthe fountains and a selection of close to twenty absinthes (17, I believe) to choose from. Katie got absinthe the traditional way; I got an absinthe cocktail. After a very nice whiskey drink. And the lovely bartender gave me two drinks for my birthday! We got dinner too– I got an absolutely scrumptious salad with sweetbreads and boudin and a beautiful runny egg on top. SO GOOD. Katie’s friend Clare met up with us, too, and she was awesome!

We went home and to bed pretty early– it was a long day and Saturday was going to be another one!

Also: [info]rosefox made her first contribution to nommable today! Read it and look at the lovely pictures here.

I also posted a new post on how to make simple syrups out of candy! Read it here!


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Do you want to know how awesome today is? Today was FREAKING AWESOME.

Okay, this is not what I was expecting to post about today. But then it happened and it is so freaking amazing and hooray!

So, I posted a list a little while ago of a few things I wanted for my birthday. Not really because I expected to get them, mostly as a reminder for myself. But I didn’t send that list to my parents.

Today, before dinner, my mother says to me, “we need to talk about your birthday present. Do you want it today?”

And I was like, “uhh, my birthday is more than a month off.”

My mother replied by saying that my present was something I could use if I had it now, and I might like having it now as opposed to later. So I told her that it was up to you.

“I hate to admit, though,” I said to my mother. “I feel a little bad. I have a birthday present list and I never sent it to you.”

“Well,” said my mother. “Send it to me now, and I won’t look at it until after you open your present, and you can tell me if it was on your list.”

I was doubtful that it was on my list. I told my mother that the list was very short, but mostly expensive things. (It is.) I also told her that it was up to her. If she thought it was more useful to give me my present now, she could give it to me now.

Anyway, we ate our delicious dinner (of which I took plentiful photos.) At the end of dinner, my parents asked again if we should get out the birthday present. I think I asked if it was something I could use for the rest of the summer, and my father said no, it was something I could use for the rest of my life. So I asked if it was a vibrator. I was told that this present had better last longer than a vibrator. And then my mother brings out a HUGE HONKING BOX.

I looked at the box. The box needed a knife to open it. I took my butter knife from the dinner table and went to work.

The box was full of brown paper. I pulled off the paper. Here is my reaction:


Can you guess what it is? I promptly took it out of the box, and as it was too large to hug, I sat on it:

My father got concerned about me sitting on the box for such an expensive gift. Now can you guess what it is? Hint: it is not a vibrator.

(My mother kept trying to get me to pose for photos in spite of the fact that I I pointed out to her that I am in cruddy gardening clothes and my hair is a giant puffball today anyway so I wasn’t particularly concerned about these looking like glamor shots. I posed anyway, but these are the less-posed pictures of the bunch)

Can you tell what it is from that photo? If you can’t, you should be able to tell now:


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Wow what a week!

So I just realized I have barely posted anything about the past week and it was a super busy one.

My week in review!

Holy cow.

Saturday I had a table at Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, which was super fun. The table was cheap, I made back what I spent on the table, and most of my beer money for the day. Afterwards, I met up with Destiny and Mike, and we had Vietnamese foods. It was a nice day!

Sunday I went to Ikea in the morning and bought some stuff for the apartment, including a rug and some curtains. And a giant inflatable spider. Yes, you heard that right. I also bought some lamps. One of the lamps wouldn’t go together, though, and the giant inflatable spider was broken.

Then [info]intrepia called, and invited me to go out with her and [info]abangaku to see The Merchant of Venice in the park. They had stayed up all night to get tickets as it was the last night. I got to sleep all night and then enjoy the play! I still got home very late for a little Tea, but the play was phenomenal. Al Pacino was Shylock and I thought he was fabulous, the interpretation of the character in this production was very different from any one I’d seen before, which was pretty neat.

Monday I had work, and our new comic website launched, which was pretty exciting! Then I went to Ikea to return stuff.  And bought more stuff.  Unfortunately, I only realized Monday night that I had miscounted my curtains so on

Tuesday I went back to Ikea.  I think it bears explaining that Ikea from my apartment is like a 3 hour round trip experience.  This time I had Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam with lingonberry drink in the Ikea cafeteria, just because.

Wednesday, I went with [info]spiralstairs and her friend Nancy to a party at <a href=”http://www.plymptoons.com/”>Bill Plympton’s</a> rooftop. I bought his new DVD and he drew a picture of me, which I totally forgot to scan to post!  Bill was a really nice guy and a great host.  Then we went out to dinner and parted ways.

Thursday, Brendan took me out to birthday lunch at this restaurant called Agua Dulce.  It was very…conceptual inside.  The food was pretty good, we had a nice time, but really I had wanted to go to Bocca di Bacco, this Italian restaurant I went to with my mother that was to die for.  Sadly, we discovered that they are not open for lunch.  Boo!

Then, [info]liret came down and we went to Kat’s birthday picnic in Prospect Park.  We hung out with Kat and her awesome friends and then went home.

Friday, I had the day off work to wait for my furniture delivery!  I got a kitchen table and bookshelves.  They came, they were assembled, they conquered!  And then we went up to Connecticut where my mother prepared a feast of ENDLESS appetizers from the many many delicious things in our garden.  Plus, I got three bottles of liquor– Cabana cachaça, which I used tonight to make plum capininhas, Rogue hazelnut spice rum, and Ron Zacapa Solera Gran Reserva, which I only want to drink straight because it is freaking lovely.  The garden is amazing and awesome; I think we picked like nine cucumbers, and we had homegrown eggplant, zucchini and zucchini blossoms, string beans, tomatoes, radishes, and beets.  Everything was freaking to die for.  My mother deep fried slivers of zucchini and eggplant, stuffed the zucchini blossoms with mozzarella and fried those, and battered and fried beans and okra.  We had beets sliced thing with goat cheese and tomato and mozzarella caprese, plus little steamer clams with melted butter, pork ribs, other cut up vegetables, fry bread, arugula and nasturtium salad, and I’m probably forgetting some things.  But all those veggies except the okra were homegrown– our okra is not quite ready to pick.   The garden looks gorgeous and amazing and wonderlandlike.

And tomorrow is my birthday!  Excitement for all!

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Art and life

1) Birthday drinks, Thursday, 7:30. If you didn't get the memo yet, let me know and I will fill you in on details on a non-public post. Everyone who is anyone is invited.

2) I has guests! I get a rainy_day, seori, quizzicalsphinx, and starhammer all on Wednesday and Thursday. I am super excited about this. Then we go to Connecticut with a kidnapped Colin. liret will be here on Saturday. Brother may or may not be coming, is up in the air. I spent the weekend making sure there were clean sheets on the guest beds, and planning the menu, which is all planned except for Friday night appetizers.

3) I like socks.

4) This strange lady stopped by the house today. It turns out-- she is one of the previous owners of our house, and lived here for nineteen years! We took her on a tour, she told me what had changed and what was the same since she lived here, and it was pretty awesome. What a nice lady.

5) We had a hogwarts_elite Slytherin/Gryffindor chat last night. I asked for art request to practice with my tablet, and am pleased to show you all the result, which is Regulus Black strangling Sirius.

Collapse )

I am getting pretty used to the tablet and really enjoy it, although I do have to say that it is not what I expected-- the CIntiq actually acts as a second monitor, it doesn't just display whatever art file you're working on, which is what I expected. This makes it a little confusing for moving between art files and navigating the regular computer, but it is getting better as I get used to it. I am really pleased with the line quality and stuff, though.

The other thing that it is making me think about is my artistic style and the adaptation from black and white pencils which are my preferred medium to colored lines. I'm still using it very much like I draw with pencils, which is interesting. I like that I can modulate my line with firmer control than when I am penciling, and make it wider for shading large spaces, but I still want to use cross-hatch and fine line shading. The thing I like the best is that I can build my artwork out of layers of lines, I can do very rough skeletons and then open a new layer and lay down flat colors right over the skeletons with no intermediary steps.

6) cheshire23 tagged me in one of those memes where you're supposed to thank people for brightening up your day. I am supposed to pick people who brightened up my day, and then you are supposed to do the same if you like.

Today, I will pick rainy_day, quizzicalsphinx, rattsu, cacophonesque, batchix, cheshire23, lorryl, callmecaito, gildedage, and hug_machine

But I love the rest of you too!


It is seori's birthday today. I <3 her very, very much. She is one of the best long-distance friends a person could ever hope for. She is kind and loving, honest and devoted. She is intelligent and witty and patient and thoughtful. I am very, very lucky to count her among my friends.

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My character and her character. <3.

Rosie, I hope you have an awesome day and an awesome year. You are wonderful!


Last night the minute I got into the hotel, LJ went down. I was too tired to attempt to stay awake until it came back on.


Happy Birthday, quizzicalsphinx!

Opening of mystery package may commence if it hasn't happened already!

Everyone else: Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Today I get to see rhikat and Sweeney Todd!
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They say it's your birthday...


Awesome awesome day. I started out waking up to birthday greetings like crazy, including this little dude from nadav:

(who is amazing, by the way).

Then I went out to lunch with Phil, Amanda, Jay, and Noah, and then came back to MOAR BIRTHDAY GREETINGS and what appears to be a Guinness with a straw in it in my lj userinfo from pikacharma, which came with the following greeting:

"Happy birthday to you
From the Death Eater crew
Let's slowroast some mudbloods
And cast Crucio too"

Plus the cupcake kitten from liret, the BIRTHDAY SONG from quizzicalsphinx and a pirate skull on my facebook from twowishesleft. Y'all's're awesome, guys.

Then my mom came to work and brought:

GUINNESS-FREAKING CUPCAKES (to continue the trend...obviously people know me too well) with coconut and raspberry. Oh god yes.

Going out to Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant, not the neighborhood, I already live in the neighborhood!) for dinner with my parents and liret.

Awesomely awesome, guys. Thanks everybody.
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Why seori is the best.

Today was a month before my birthday.

The following is what I woke up to:

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Seriously, this was one of the coolest things anybody has ever done for me. I have never had a suprise cake before. Rosie is the most awesomely awesome ever and I am so sad she's leaving tomorrow. This is why I ate her plane ticket.

Oh man, we had such an awesome week. I'll post more about it later but I've kind of been occupied with actually having the awesome week as opposed to posting about it. So cool. AND BIRTHDAY. A MONTH EARLY.

<3 <3

In other news, I have a kikithepirate sleeping on my air mattress. Tomorrow I will have no one else sleeping anywhere in my apartment until Deathly Hallows :-(