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This is shamefully late, and I have a ton of other stuff I want to update about, but I desperately need to get this up before midnight, so:

Happy day to everyone! And to everyone who sent me anonymous or non-anonymous valentines, thank you so much-- it really made my day. Including the one from my father, which read,

Dear Tamara,

Bee Mine.



You can tell it's from my father because it uses the name no one else has called me since I graduated from high school. This makes it somewhat less mysterious and anonymous.

Also, it had a cartoon bee on it.

Love you all. And seriously, thanks so much, people.
cap, captain miss america

kidnap the sandy claws

merry merry xmas eve.

i am on long island. ummmm i need to go wrappa da presentos. i am wearing my kidnap the sandy claws shirt and my daddy said NO YOU CANNOT KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS and i said BUT KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS and daddy said NO KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS and so then i left.

all my presents got here safely which is good.

i've been editing down the dotg future, once all the code was removed it was 1704 pp and last night i got it under 1600. if i can continue to remove 100 pp of junk for every 100 pp i get through then we'll wind up with about 800 pp all told. sweet.

i cleaned up the apartment yesterday before i came out her cos it was nasty. it's still not as clean as it should be but at least it's liveable.

the only words to o holy night my dad knows are FALL and OH NIGHT!

behold your king
before him lowly bend.

i found a journal i kept the summer between junior and senior year at vassar. i may clip bits and post um later