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how i know people

i decided to go through the people on my friends list and explain as briefly as possible why they're there.

abhor- KiSS
babycola- KiSS, but really from reading LJ
batchix- KiSS
bbkitty- KiSS
beakbaby- KiSS, but really through jessi
beastsbelle- DotG
briarsequinox- sheroes
cognac- DotG
crissykitty- KiSS
deathrockboy- AOL, a long time ago.
docmanhattan- MIKEY!!!!
dootsie- KiSS
eilonwy- LJ
elainemc- KiSS
embyquinn- KiSS
evil_laugher- haha, HPC. wow.
eyce- KiSS, but really through megan
eye_of_dog- KiSS
fangdlamb- DotG
fishmuffy- KiSS
goffchick- vassar
groovyqueen- DotG
happysad- KiSS
jadaze- KiSS
kalavati- DotG
kalliona- DotG
keladry- KiSS
kellygrape- DotG
kiz- DotG
kyd- KiSS
leisaie- sheroes
leviadams- AOL, a long time ago
liret- DotG
lorryl- DotG
mariye- KiSS
minilioness- DotG
misshatter- KiSS
n3koch4n- KiSS
nyao- KiSS
penwiper- DotG
phreakphantasia- KiSS
rhipowered- DotG
rubyschnopps- sheroes
ruthlessly_me- KiSS
saxtonownzyou- DotG
scrappy_jen- through kimiki
seori- DotG, but we were friends on sheroes for a while first
silpi- DotG
tenma_no_kami- KiSS
thereisnotable- DotG
toomuchtoask- DotG
zerbylorr- vassar
zoutadrop- sheroes

the point being, that if i had no computer, i would know THREE of you. woohoo!
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what tea has in common with her friends!

went through my userinfo and checked what interests i have in common with the folks on ym friends list. i'm listing people by the name i know them by, it's easier for me. i only did people who have interests listed

megan: kisekae, singing, smashing pumpkins, and also THE smashing pumpkins
kikka: alice in wonderland, kisekae, kiss dolls, and reading
batchix: kiss dolls
bbkitty: kisekae
beakis: kisekae
jamie: animation, dotg AND daughters of the goddess, mageduels, reading, and shadow minions
cam: reading, shakespeare, singing, the smashing pumpkins
court: elvis costello
crissy: kisekae, kiss dolls, and tori amos
will: singing, smashing pumpkins, zorak
mikey: comics, council of doom, david lynch, elvis costello, tori amos, twin peaks, zorak
dootsie bug: kisekae
eilonwy: comics, labyrinth, neil gaiman, reading, sandman, shakespeare, tam lin, tori amos
elaine: kisekae, reading
emby: kisekae, singing
katy: jhonen vasquez, reading, singing
kandle: david bowie, ghost world, kisekae, kiss dolls, the smashing pumpkins, tori amos
rick: city of lost children, kisekae, oscar wilde, zorak
lammy: daughters of the goddess, photography, reading
muffy: kisekae AND kiss dolls
tasha: alice in wonderland, city of lost children, david bowie, horror, jhonen vasquez, neil gaiman, photography, rasputina, reading, sandman
jessi: kisekae, kiss dolls, neil gaiman, oscar wilde, shakespeare, smashing pumpkins and THE smashing pumpkins
jade: kisekae and reading
rubie: nothing
kalli: daughters of the goddess, gobble the turkey, and reading
alex: animation, david bowie, kisekae, kiss dolls, labyrinth, neil gaiman, reading
kelly: reading, singing
kiz: daughters of the goddess AND dotg
leisaie: ray bradbury, reading, shakespeare
levi: david bowie, neil gaiman, the smashing pumpkins, tori amos
laura: daughters of the goddess, reading
mariye: comics, kisekae, reading, singing
shawn: kisekae, kiss dolls, sewing, singing
n3koch4n: kisekae AND kiss
kimiki: elvis costello, kiss dolls, sewing
phreak: david bowie, kisekae, singing, smashing pumpkins
paige: reading
ruthless: kisekae, photography
sara: daughters of the goddess, mageduels, shadow minions, shakespeare, simon and garfunkel, tim curry's legs
jen: alice in wonderland, comics, reading
rosie: NOTHING?!!?! WHAT?!?!
gia: daughers of the goddess AND dotg, reading
alcy: kisekae, kiss dolls, reading
krysten: daughters of the goddess, reading, silver dew
alleria: reading
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(no subject)

one thing i'll never quite come to terms with about LJ is that there are people on my friends list who i think are brilliant and who i'll never really know. whose entries i read but never comment on, because i don't quite know if there's anything left to say. i'm good at advice and snide remarks; i can't quite bring myself to comment on other people's insights; it would almost make them less special.
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(no subject)

i don't know.

it seems every time i turn away and spend time doing something else, my 'netfriends all have bad things happen. and then i feel guilty because i wasn't there for them to talk to or to at least know what's going on and i feel stupid and out of the loop and i don't wanna be pushy and say "oh, now i have time for you, won't you let me back in, yeah yeah?"

people are not just entertainment.

it's so easy to get lost.

i feel exhausted. drained. i am not moving inside. and yet i feel like i have nothing to show for it. i have solved some problems, made some small strides, but all for myself, not for anyone else.

maybe i am truly afraid of people. or maybe i'm afraid for people. maybe i'm afraid that things that include me won't be perfect, and so i reject them outright because rejecting is something i can control. if i say no and get none then i've controlled it. i don't want to play and do a half-assed job; i'd rather drop it outright.

maybe my stomach is growling.

i want to care so much.
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let me tell you a storyso

so when i was a senior in high school i had a whole bunch of insane online friends. then we all lost touch, mostly because most of us went away to college and made real friends, or something. i dunno. anyway, the resolutions quiz (remember that?) was made by a young gent named levi_adams which happened to be the same name as one of these friends of mine. coincidence, i think NOT! it is in fact the same leviadams. so i wrote to him. well, i wrote to him before i knew this. then he wrote back. but i got the email on my parents' computer, goddammit!! so i losted it. i was too stoopid to look for the resolutions test again. but the ducky test linked to it! so i found him again and put him on my friends list! WHAH!!

that's all.
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on retreat

boy, there are a lot of things i want to respond to in my journal-- alcy, i want to check out your doll, megan, i saw your note & also good job!, umm, rick, have fun at city! i saw it in 1996 in a double feature with SPIDER BABY! and umm, kimiki...there was something you said i wanted to reply to and i forget what. pooh. i think those were my timely responses; i am at my parents' house re-couping, and i'll probably not be very responsive for a few days.