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cap, captain miss america

pity me.

i got my period a couple days early and totally abruptly, no warning signs or anything. which means i'm wearing cute new panties with little kittens on them and the poor kittens are going to look like a bloody mess. and *then* i got the cramps, full on. and *then* my right hip decided that right now was a good time to hurt when i walk, for no apparent reason. my painkillers aren't working and my hip hurts too much to go buy chocolate to alleviate the problem.

and i have a stiff neck.

rosie signed on but then disappeared. i'm sure she got kicked off her computer or something. it made me super sad because aiko and jammy were going to talk. aiko misses jammy and she needs to have a friend again badly. *and* orrie and jammy *were* talking. all so sad. rosie, i miss you!

and now i feel like crap and i just want to curl up in a little ball. ouchies.
cap, captain miss america


rosie dear, this is for you:

i'm in the middle of writing. i think i have some good ideas right now of what needs to be rewritten. one scene is actually better the way it is, i think, than what i had planned on rewriting. we'll see.

i'm sure all this talking about my book must be ghastly boring for all y'alls who haven't read a snit of it (that is almost all of you). sorry! but it's what's controlling my life right now.